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31 August 2007


Geaux Tigers! Kim and Chad hosted a wonderful opening-to-football-season party. The whole family wore our purple and gold. The Tigers made us proud.

In that uniform, doesn't Bix look almost like Trindon Holiday?!...well, size-wise at least

30 August 2007

Bix Wears Her Sunglasses at Night

...and anytime of day for that matter. She has also perfected all the "looks" necessary for being cool...

Even Bix has to call off the paparazzi

Excuse me?

Her future's so bright...she's gotta wear shades

29 August 2007


We just got home from a lovely tip to visit Auntie B. We hung out, celebrated Grandma A's birthday, and played with Bix. One of the highlights of the trip for Bix was having lunch at Wahoos...her favorite dish is the lime.

25 August 2007


Yes, as we have established Bix loves to eat. She is now on to finger foods, and has discovered the joy of cheerios!

...or for you Poppo...Cheer-i-oats

24 August 2007

Call Me

Anything with buttons or lights is a big attraction for Bix. One of her favorites is my cell phone. As you can see she is desperately trying to work it...she doesn't quite have the hang of it yet. But you've got to give her style points for that raised pinky!
She is waiting for your call...

23 August 2007

Red Hat

Every girl should have one...and now (thanks to Poppo) Bix does too! I know it is a little early yet, but even with the 90+ degree weather we had to take it for a test drive. What do think?!

22 August 2007

Gimme More--Gimme More

As you have heard (and seen) nothing makes Bix quite as happy as the sight (and taste) of food...she gets so excted she can hardly breathe.

21 August 2007

TV Watcher

Now that Bix can sit up for longer periods of time, she likes to entertain herself by watching a video. One of her favorites is the PraiseBaby collection (mom likes it too)
See how relaxed and content she is...

20 August 2007

Bix' First Wedding

It went very well. Bix was well behaved and extremely quiet (thanks in large part to a very tasty program) right up until the vows. That is when Bix got chatty. Daddy quickly escorted her out the back door (we were in the last pew...unlike the crying baby in the 3rd row) and hardly anyone was the wiser.
Then it was on to the reception where Bix partied all the way until 9 o'clock. She was getting hungry and tired. The carrot and celery sticks helped out the first issue, the latter required getting into her pjs.
On the way out the door she tried to steal the bride's champagne. When the baby starts grabbing booze, it is time to head home...

17 August 2007

Here's to the Weekend

We are leaving again...this time to LA for a wedding. We'll be home soon, but wanted to make sure you had some Bix to get you through the weekend.

16 August 2007

Home Again

Well, this is the longest that Bix has been away from home and she did very well. We had many happy times as well as some sad. Lots of relatives to hug and kiss was the best part of the trip.
Bix spent several days in Arkansas, and this trip did it all at Lake Balboa...

Swimming through the wake

Cruising the open water

Enjoying the sunset

Driving the boat

We Love You

Great-Granddaddy Sidney...gone to be with Jesus. We love you and you are always in our hearts.

07 August 2007

Six Months

Can you believe Bix is 6 months old today?! It seems like just yesterday she was born and it also seems that we cannot remember life without her.
Just look at how she has changed...

7 February

7 March

7 April

7 May

7 June

7 July


05 August 2007

Yee-Haw Food!

I know it seems like there is a lot of posts about food (but remember who the author of this blog is after all)
Bix has some of the most fun of her day sitting in her Bumbo and eating. That is clearly shown here

04 August 2007

Love That Reflection

Bix always greets her mommy and daddy with a big smile, however she seems to reserve her biggest grins and giggles for that pretty little girl in the mirror...

03 August 2007


We have geeked-out in a new level of technology. We now have a infrared video monitor in Bix' crib that we can view through our television. When she is making noise we can flip the channel to check on her, when we just want to look at her without worrying about disturbing her just push the's BixTV...24/7.

02 August 2007

A Bix Has Got to Rest

You might not have known that Bix does have more than 2 modes (on/off) sometimes when she is not on the go or sleeping she will briefly rest quietly...

As you can see, she does not look natural in this mode.