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29 August 2008

Happy Labor Day

Enjoy the extended weekend...Bix sure plans to.

28 August 2008

A Slow Day

That's how Bix is taking it. We had a little tummy upset overnight, a slight fever, and not much sleep, but I think with all this rest today we should be on the road to recovery.

27 August 2008

Easy Rider

Bix is ready to cruise the highways and byways.

26 August 2008

Such the Poser

I get ready to take a picture of Bix, and she says, "Wait..."

"Let me pull out my ponytail and show you my mouth full of food!"

Bix is very exacting about her photo-shoots.

25 August 2008

Olympic Let-Dowm

Bix is still chanting "U-S-A, U-S-A", but we have no more games to cheer. What are we going to do with all our new found free-time?

Give us a day to recover...

23 August 2008


Good thing this is marked...we would never know what to call that thing on Bix' head.

She sure is loving it!

21 August 2008

Want to Karaoke?

Bix does! Her motto is sing loudly and carry a huge microphone.

20 August 2008

Olympic Overload

Are you staying up late every night to watch the gold medal finals?

We have been...and boy, is it worth the sleepy-eyed mornings. It is the OLYMPICS! They aren't on every day. So watch the games, sing the national anthem, and have an extra cup of coffee in the morning.

19 August 2008

The Studious Side of Bix

She isn't just a jock...this girl is quite focused on reading as well.

Also, never the conformist, Bix wants to know who said that glasses don't go this way.

18 August 2008

More Olympic Glory

The track and field events started this weekend, and Bix totally got into the spirit...albeit, slightly "old school."

Go Girl!

15 August 2008

Tormented Artist

Bix loves to draw, but she sometimes struggles over her subject matter.

Should it be something a la Kandinsky from his cubist period...

or perhaps she is feeling more Pollack today...

14 August 2008

See Bix!?

Bix truly adores being the center of attention. She also enjoys looking at herself in the viewfinder of the camera. So much so we can't get her to sit still for a picture anymore.

13 August 2008

Little Girl With a Curl

RIGHT in the middle of her forehead!

12 August 2008

Singing in the Rain

Well, maybe not singing exactly, but Bix sure had a great time. Even though we only had .20 inches, Bix was able to help Daddy water the plants...

This is seriously fun work, and it takes lots of toddler-concentration.

By the time the watering was finished, the rain had pretty much stopped. That didn't keep Bix from still playing in the rain.

Bix loves getting sprayed with the hose!

11 August 2008

U-S-A, U-S-A

A-MAZ-ING! What else can you can about the men's 4x100 freestyle relay? Bix was watching very intently, and was nervous that the U.S. might not be able to pull it off. After all, Jason Lezak was nearly an entire body length behind going into the final 50 meters. What a nail-biter!

After the victory, Bix was able to sit back, relax, and enjoy her juice. "Oh yeah, America."

Maybe that will teach the French to trash talk the U.S.

08 August 2008

Beijing 2008

We are all stating to catch Olympic fever here. Bix was hoping to be part of the opening ceremonies...she thougth this headdress would be perfect. Alas, we will have to settle for watching it all from the comfort of home.

Come on now everybody..."U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A."

07 August 2008

Happy Birthday to Bix

Well, birthday and a half. Can you believe Bix is 18 months old already?! Wow.
We celebrated with a trip to the doctor (and three shots...yikes) Bix was very brave and recovered quite quickly. She is getting to be quite a big girl after all...33 inches tall and 26 pounds. (I think she is a solid 36 inches with that ponytail)

06 August 2008

Looking Good

Bix feels like a a rockstar in her BOON Flair! And who can blame her? Bix refers to this new seat as her "wow-chair"! Thank goodness her Mommy won it in a giveaway or we would still be stuck in the Antilop. Thank you ohdeeoh!

05 August 2008

Too Many Choices

Really...we all get overwhelmed occasionally right? Have you ever counted the number of salad dressing options we have at the grocery store? All right, I haven't either, but you know it is a lot. Bix has so many varieties of snacks in this drawer alone...what is a girl to do?

04 August 2008

Lovin' the Puppy

Bix had a great weekend! Auntie B and Uncle C brought CC to visit. It was all hugs and kisses and squeals of delight...until they had to leave. Bix misses you already (you too Auntie B and Uncle C).

01 August 2008

Nosy Neighbor

Bix wants to know what is going on everywhere with everyone.