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26 February 2010

What the Girls are Doing

Singing songs from musicals (Bye-Bye Birdie is the current favorite).

Rolling over.

24 February 2010

Story Time

Bix loves to read.  Well, she loves to be read to...and ask lots of questions.

Fi just smiles and enjoys the stories.

23 February 2010

After Party

Bix got right into her presents.  There were some awesome stylish!

The whole family got involved in Elefun...Go Grandmommy!

We topped off the day with burgers at Twisted Root.

Fi carried home the leftovers.

22 February 2010

Bix' Party

Even though Bix' birthday was weeks ago, we finally got to have her party this weekend.

She proudly showed everyone how old she is now.

We had plenty of food.  (Great jambalaya, as usual, Daddy)

Big-time cake. (this one, plus cupcakes, plus king cake)

Lots of presents...well controlled by Daddy.

Best of all there was lots of good friends and family.

Fun times for all!

Fi can't wait until it is her turn...

18 February 2010

Olympic Fever

I hope you didn't think we had forgotten, there just has been sooo much going on.
The girls both loved the Opening Ceremonies, and tried to look like the athletes too.

Bix was pretty good at the marching and waving.

They have been glued to the set all week.

16 February 2010

Happy Mardi Gras

We celebrated Saturday night at the Boudin Ball, but first we had to set-up.

Henry got into the act too.

Mommy and Daddy got a chance to dress-up.  Is that a vintage 1973 Sirena gown? (With the Sanger-Harris tag still on it)

Henry's Mom and Dad clean up pretty good too.

7 Senses is a great venue for the Krewe to celebrate.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Valentines' Day

We shared a family meal.  Bix made the salad.

Fi oversaw the whole operation.

A heart shaped pizza?!  Delicious!

How did you spend your Valentines' Day?

11 February 2010

Snowing in Texas

So much fun!!!  We started early this morning (because we didn't know how long it would last.)  Bix made snow angels.

Grandma and Poppo busted out with the snow skills they learned in the northeast.

Mommy and Daddy watched from the porch.

While Bix was playing over at her grandparents' house, Fi got bundled up for some errands.

Then later in the day some awful teenage boys tackled our snowman, so we rebuilt him...bigger and stronger. (and closer to the house)

Fi watched from inside with Grandma.

We have a record daily snowfall for the Metroplex.  Right now it is over 11 inches.  Love it.

(Yes, this is a shot of our back yard)

10 February 2010


Bix started her birthday with a hearty breakfast that was followed by a massive present-opening.

She loved absolutely everything!

By the time we cleaned up all the paper Bix was shouting for her cake.  She is fairly certain that King Cake is a special type of cake made just for her birthday.

After the cake, it was time for a bath...complete with purple water thanks to CiCi!

09 February 2010

Happy Birthday to Bix

Three years old?!  Can you believe it?  Bix' birthday was Sunday and the celebration is just beginning.  We were in Shreveport, so Birthday Month started off the right way...with a parade.
We got there early to get a good spot, and had to wait for a while.  Fortunately there was plenty to eat and drink.

Bix made friends with the girls soccer team next to us. (I think they gave her those Cheetos)

The wait was long...

but well worth it!

Bix tried the view from atop the ladder...

but preferred the mobility of Daddy's shoulders.

Four sacks full of beads, 28 plastic cups and half a dozen stuffed animals...a grand time it was.

More birthday fun to come...

08 February 2010

Who Dat!?

Way to go Saints!!!!!!

05 February 2010


Fi had her 4 month and Bix had her 3 year exam.  Bix insisted on bringing her Dr Kit in order to show Dr P.  She was a very good assistant and even helped check Fi's eyes, ears, and throat.  Fi is now 25.5 inches long (90th percentile), weighs in at 14.6 lbs (75th percentile), and a 16.5 cm head circumference which places her in the 75th percentile (not quite as big as Bix, who is more like a large 4-year-old).  Fi was quite the trooper with her vaccines, and you wouldn't know there was anything wrong with her...except she is still sleeping at 10am this morning.

Bix checked out great too.  39 inches tall (90th percentile) and 33.6 inches tall (70th percentile) she was very excited she didn't need any shots!  Unfortunately, something did make her feel ill and around 6pm Bix got sick all over herself and her bed.

She seems fine this morning, and is looking forward to the weekend festivities.