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31 January 2011

Happy Birthday Poppo

We had a lovely dinner of beef Stroganoff (well done Grandma...yum), green beans, salad, bread, and of course a little Oyster Bay.  Then it was time for ice cream and...cake!

After totally stuffing ourselves, the girls burned off some calories before heading to bed.

28 January 2011

So Happy Together

I love how the girls are spending more and more time together.  OK, yes, a lot of that togetherness circles around eating, but you gotta start somewhere.

"Popcorn is our favorite snack!!!"

 "Show me how to use that sippy cup sister."

 "Let me feed you an animal cracker dah-ling."

"Fi, pretend you are smiling, even though the thing you really want is for me to get off the trike.  You got to share."

26 January 2011

20 January 2011

Let's Go Crazy

Dance parties seem to be the norm around our house these days.  Our girls know how to "rock out."

17 January 2011

Sunday Night Follies

Bix had everyone on stage singing.  (Yes, there is footage of Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, and Poppo each performing a classic.)  For now will will entertain you with what seems to be Bix' favorite song...even a month after Christmas.

09 January 2011

Awesome Weekend!

SO much fun.  CiCi, JB, and KK all came to town for the Cotton Bowl. (and of course they brought Kosmo too). Needless to say the game was terrific.

A great time with friends and family.

We kept the good time going the next day with a visit to Diana and Orie's lovely home.  The girls entertained us all dressing up in Gracie's accessories.

There were even some fun toys to play with.

Bix thought she was very cool, and quite grown-up.

Fi kept calling this "apple juice", but we prevented her from getting any into her sippy cup.

And of course today we woke up to rain...then sleet...winter mix...and finally...SNOW!

We did some sledding, made snow angels, and then built an fantastic fort.

Fi was a little happier inside where it was warm.

By nightfall we still hadn't built a snowman.  We were running out of daylight and snow.  Never fear, Daddy and Bix got the job done.

Fi had to come out and oversee everything.

Then it was back inside to get warm.

Top the day off with a warm bowl of soup...yum.

No one wanted the day to end.

06 January 2011

Back to School

It was tough getting back into the swing of things.  Bix started the day off right though...Cheerios and orange juice.

Fi was glad to help Mommy clean the house while Bix was at school.

03 January 2011

Family Day

We try to spend the day together every Sunday.  This week was the first one in awhile when we could spend it at the park.  The girls were thrilled!  Time for slippin',



Taking orders,

 and bouncing along.

After we worked up an appetite it was off to the String Bean for more playing (and eating).  Life is good.

01 January 2011

Happy New Year

We wish you a very happy and hope-filled 2011.  Ours is already off to a fast start.