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21 July 2013

Happy Fourth of July

Typical day.  Starting out with some porch time.

"Look at me...I'm daddy"

Bix and mommy

Yummy breakfast!

Then couch time, to catch up on who is who in the peloton.

The family hitting the community pool.

Great day for swimming

The huge inflatable water slide was a big hit with the girls.

Let's go home...Grandmommy and CiCi are almost there!

Family dinner

Not sure what Bix is saying, but Fi looks a bit skeptical.

Making a birthday cookie cake for the United States.

Fireworks on the lake!

Happy Birthday America!  Thank you Lord, for this wonderful nation.

On to another beautiful day...

Ahh...lovely morning on the porch.

Time for the fishing contest. Bix was hoping to catch "the big one"

Watching and waiting...

Fi's fish was actually bigger than it looks in this photo...but not much.

Some more Fourth of July celebration.

Time for lunch and a little Elvis.

Ready for some tubing.

Go Bix and Poppo!

Hold on tighter Poppo!!

Bix and Fi doing their best Auntie B and Mommy impression out in the middle of the lake.

Let's go girls...we are going to dinner.

Seriously...let's go!

Out to Tanner's

A little beer for Grandma (remind you of Paris Auntie B?)

The girls had ice cream every night for dessert.

Ending the day with a little Tenzies

Love, love, love the lake...

14 July 2013

More From the Lake

What else did we do at the lake?!
Early mornings on the porch.

More bike riding!

Safety first

Fi really getting the hang of it

"Policeman" Bix, chasing the bad guys

Nothing says summertime like watermelon

Matching sister hairdos

Shows off their pretty faces:)


Eating on the front porch

Customers in Training

Back porch with Poppo...enjoying a "tangerine" (nectarine)

We found a bigger space for riding...the church parking lot.

Wide-open spaces

Bix even geting the hang of standing up to pedal

The girls enjoyed the train

And the swings

Love that hair

Plenty of rocks to collect.  It was a race to see who could get the most/biggest white rocks.

The girls thought the path around the meditation garden was the perfect place for a race.

And of course...some prayer

Bix and Poppo...favorite time of day


Watching the Tour de France every day.

Decorating the front for America's Birthday.

Score on the hats!

Everything Red, White and Blue

Poppo's boat!

Off to watch the Balboa Yacht Club Independence Day Boat Parade

Matching hats

Lollipops make everything better

Betsy Ross and Statue of Liberty...the girls favorite

Fi feeding Ol' Roy to the catfish

More red, white and blue

And that is just until July 4th.  CiCi and Grandmommy are still coming!