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30 June 2010


These two really can't get enough of each other.

29 June 2010

The Littlest Plumbers

Bix helped Daddy install a toilet this weekend.

She really got in to the whole project.

Fi joined the fun later on during the course of events.

And the box was a lot of fun...

Until it got a little too crowded.

24 June 2010


The girls are always ready for an outing to the store.  Shopping is always full of bright lights, lots of things to look at, people to talk to, and most importantly...air conditioning.
Bix is dressed and ready to go!!!

Fi is a little more laid-back about the whole thing.

23 June 2010

Summer Cold

Bix had a fever yesterday, but that didn't keep us out of the pool.  Fi had a new bathing suit we just had to try out.

She had a good time, but was not quite the same Bix...she only lasted about an hour.

There was little energy left for anything but a video.

Fi on the other hand was full-of-it until late into the evening.

Everyone is feeling fine today, and we are trusting that it will remain that way.

21 June 2010


Bix asked if she could "have a meeting" with Charlie today, so we called up Mimi and she said come on over.  Bix brought her laptop, "for the work", and Big Bear was to be "the Boss...just like Daddy has when he goes to meetings."  This is what the "meeting" looked like.

Drew and Fi spent more time with the laptop than the big kids.

Fi took a lovely 2 hour nap.  Bravo!

Charlie took a snooze while the other three held more "meeting".

We were all sad when it was time to leave.

17 June 2010


With the kitchen reno in full swing, we have been living in closer quarters.

Good thing the girls don't mind sharing a bed.

16 June 2010

More Swim Lessons

Daddy surprised Bix with a visit to swim lessons today.  She was so excited...she couldn't wait to show off!

Fi was pretty glad to see him too.

Bix showed us how to dive.

She still needs a little help.

Fi isn't so impressed.

That's OK...she'd rather hang out with her adoring fans.  Love you Jace and Riley!

14 June 2010

Out for a Walk

It wasn't quite so hot (translation: low 90s) so we thought going for a stroll around the neighborhood sounded like a good plan.  The girls were ready to go.

Fi was a content and happy camper.

Bix quickly thought it was too hot, and was upset that I wouldn't (couldn't) carry her on my shoulders while I pushed the stroller.  I actually did try.

It didn't take long for Fi to start fading too.

A cold drink brought a smile back to Bix' face.

All it took for Fi was some A/C and for Mommy to let her out of the confines of the stroller.

09 June 2010

New Camera

Grandma and Poppo got me a new camera for my birthday, and so far everyone is loving it!  Fi seems to enjoy the taste of it.

Bix is even opening her eyes for this camera.

Thanks again Mom and Dad.

08 June 2010

Swim Lessons

Bix was so excited!  Here she is...the only girl in her class.  (and the only 3-year-old...those boys are 4)

First things first, they had to get their heads wet.

Then it was time to jump in,

...and swim to Mrs. Carole Ann.

Bix was really feeling comfortable.

Fi had a good time playing with Riley and Jace.

The lesson deserved a round of applause!

The only sad part was when it was all over.

03 June 2010


It is so great to have a built in play-mate.  Bix and Fi always have fun together.

Walks are a good time...especially when we take short breaks.

Bix is teaching Fi how to play hide-and-seek.

They even like the same playgrounds.

However, we will have to keep Fi away from the princess jewelry for awhile.

I guess she is happy enough with her basket of toys.