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25 December 2007

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends as we celebrated the birth of our Savior...what a blessing.
Tomorrow we are off to Colorado for a fun-filled week of skiing. There will be lots to catch you up on.
We'll be back next year...until then...

Merry Christmas to all...and to all a good night.

21 December 2007

More Parties!

Pam and Clipper hosted their annual Christmas party last night. There were lots of people to meet and lots of foods to try. The mozzarella and the cream puffs were hits...Bix still isn't sure about the crawfish pies.
Bix did enjoy talking with Jodi and playing with her hat. (Happy Birthday Jodi!)

James told lots of funny stories that made us all laugh.

And Pam told Bix all about Clovis the Crawfish. (she is such a great hostess)

20 December 2007

"I've Got Sharp Teeth"

Bix knows that about herself now. We can see it when she smiles...

She can see it when she looks at her foot...ouch. She won't do that again.

19 December 2007

Wine With Everything

Yes, this girl likes it all. Just one swig, and she was hooked on the wine...albeit a very watered-down, ice-filled version of chablis. (Oh, that Cookie...always encouraging the ladies in my family with the drink...tee-hee)

Don't take it away...Bix wants more! (she may not look like her mama, but she drinks like her)

If you still need a smile today check this will get you laughing right along with Charlie.

18 December 2007

Party Girl

Since we've been home it's been party after party...and Bix loves every minute of it. The food of course (meatballs, 7-layer dip, celery, and cookies),

and all the Christmas lights,

but most of all she loves the action.

All that partying really wears a girl out.

I think she fell asleep waiting for another invitation.

16 December 2007

The Big Easy

We had an incredible trip. Bix experienced so many new and exciting things...let us tell you.
The trip started with a quick flight from Love field to Louis Armstrong. Bix was very well behaved. The shiny peanut packages kept her entertained the whole time.
The shuttle drove us into the city and we checked into our hotel. It was very charming, and since it was Bix' naptime, we were very happy to have arrived. However...even though we had a printed out confirmation of our reservation that clearly said "crib requested"...the hotel was unable to locate one. After some discussion with the manager's manager, someone was sent to Wal-Mart to buy a crib.

We all rallied, and helped Don assemble the whole thing (and then squeeeezed it through the door of our room).
All that construction really worked up our appetites. Deanie's fit the bill perfectly! Bix had saltines, boiled potatoes, and catfish...delish!

Don't try to take her catfish...she'll fight you for it.
We had to walk off all that yummy food, so a stroll through the Quarter was in order.

Bix thought the Quarter was crazy and wonderful...she LOVED it!
After Aunt Kimberly's graduation the next day, we all went out for lunch to celebrate.

Bix tried everything she could. From Gumbo to cochon du lait (her favorite), mashed potatoes, and topping it all off with Bananas Foster...that girl is living the good life.
We had the Nursing School celebration late into the night, so Bix stayed at the hotel with two of her great-grandmothers. A good time was had by all.
On the final day of our trip we took Bix to one of the greatest eating establishments of all time.

She couldn't get enough...don't try to take a beignet away from that girl.

It was a short trip, Bix can't wait to go back...she loves the Crescent City.

11 December 2007

The Christmas Celery

It is a tale as old as the holiday itself. A cherished yuletide classic. You haven't heard it?! Oh no!
We are going to New Orleans for the next few days so the story will have to wait until we have more time. Maybe next time you see us, we'll have Bix tell the whole story.

Crazy Weather

As you may know I love cold weather (who else takes their honeymoon here. We aren't sure how Bix feels about it yet. We got a taste of the chilly this weekend, but today it is already 70 degrees. In preparation for winter we road-tested some head-wear. We realized quickly that a chin-strap helps keep her from ripping off her hat. Also, if you can distract her while you put in on she sometimes forgets that it is there.
Next stop...mittens.

10 December 2007

Still Working on the Photo

I have signed, addressed, and stamped over 80 Christmas cards. They are ready to go, except for one small detail...a good photo of Bix.
Here are some examples for what we aren't using...

A 10-month-old doesn't always stay in frame...

We were able to catch her many times with her eyes closed...

Some just don't convey the Christmas feeling we are going for (bah-humbug anyone?)

So we continue on, trying to get a snap we can use. Hopefully we'll get these cards out before Bix turns one.

06 December 2007

You are Getting Sleepy...

I know that Bix thinks she is the center of the universe. What other person has trouble eating a meal unless she has an audience? And makes sure that everyone in the room is watching her whenever she does anything. I think I have figured out the secret to the power Bix has over us all. Don't look directly at it...I think she is using her curls to hypnotize us.

05 December 2007

Nice Pants

These pants are actually her size. Do they make her look like an old man, or is it just my imagination?

04 December 2007

Christmas Pictures

We made our first attempt at a picture for the Christmas card. Bix was so distracted by the lights and ornaments that we didn't get anything we thought we would use. She started out excited and happy...

but then she wore herself out.

Do you have any suggestions for places/ways to take our pictures this year?

02 December 2007

Going to the 'Ship

That's right...the National Champion-ship!

Way to go Tigers!!! Good thing Bix was suited-up and ready to go.