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30 September 2009

Picture Day

Today was school photos, and Bix was perfecting her poses.

29 September 2009

"Happy Wedding"

My apologies for no posts lately. We have had a lot going on. This weekend we had quite the celebration incredible wedding for two of our favorite people. Hooray for KK and JB!
The bride was beautiful.

The flower-girl made sure everything ran smoothly.

Welcome to the family JB.

At the reception Bix rocked the dance floor.

She tried to dance with everyone.

The witty conversation flowed.

By 11pm Bix was ready to go.

08 September 2009

Happy Birthday Andy

Bix is always up for a party. This one started with work up a good appetite.

But forget about smiling for the camera...Bix wants cake!

Sweet kisses for the Birthday Boy, or just a ploy to get close to the cake?!

At last!

Do you ever wonder who uses the horns and noisemakers at birthday parties?

Now you know.

Bix stayed up waaaaay past her bedtime, but it was a party after LSU didn't even kick-off until 9:30...a girl can't miss that.

03 September 2009

Aunt Liz

We are so lucky to live so close to such an awesome lady. Bix thinks she rocks...and so do we!

02 September 2009

1st Day of School

Bix went running of to class this morning. She was showing everyone her new backpack and lunchbox and making friends. At the door of her room we didn't even get a "good-bye", Bix was off and running with a wave over her shoulder.

01 September 2009

Morning Ritual

Breakfast and a little Imagination Movers. They are currently Bix' favorite.