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28 July 2010

Love the Sour

Both girls can't seem to get enough of the limes.

Thank goodness we drink plenty of limeades from Sonic!

20 July 2010

9 Month Check-Up

Fi was very brave, and she only cried briefly when she had a shot and a finger-stick.  If it looks like she is getting bigger every day, it is probably because she is.  28.5 in tall and 20.5 lbs...the girl is in the 85th and 75th percentile respectively.  Although her noggin isn't quite as large as Bix', she is rockin' the 90th percentile at 18 inches.  Feel free to compare if you want...

14 July 2010

Time to Play

Fi loves her jumper!

Bix is all about dress-up.

Mommy's favorite is when they play together.

13 July 2010

Junior Healthcare Workers

Poppo has been out of commission due to his foot surgery.  He has been very much comforted by his nursemaids.

10 July 2010

Best Friends

They really do love playing together, although I think in this shot Bix was trying out some new wrestling moves on Fi.

07 July 2010

America's Birthday

That is what we call the 4th of July is the only way Bix refers to the holiday.  While we didn't have a birthday cake and candles (like she hoped) we did have a wonderful time celebrating our great nation.

There was lots of boating and swimming.

Plenty of red, white, and blue.

Bix demonstrated her independence by applying make-up all by herself.

Fi exerted her's by pulling-up on any and everything she could.

So much fun with the family we were sad to see it end.