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31 July 2007

Tickle-Me Bix

She is starting to actually be quite can see what happens when you get her under the arms. (If only you could hear her...that's even better)

30 July 2007


Yes we have moved on from sweet potatoes to squash. Bix seems to like both equally well, and gets equally messy.



29 July 2007

Up, Up and Away

Bix loves being held high above our heads. We think she imagines that she is really SuperBix!

27 July 2007

Curly-Top little bundle of joy. Bix' hair has been growing more rapidly on top than on the sides, but now we are starting to see those curls from every angle.
And check out that flexibility...I am so envious.

26 July 2007

Eating it Up

Bix has come a long way from those first few days of cereal. She likes it so much that she has taken to feeding herself...we are so proud.

25 July 2007

Cool Down

Bix loves to ride in the BOB when mommy and daddy go for a run. Even though she is just rolling, it is still quite hot here in Texas and she needs a good post-run cooldown. We can't always get over to the swimming pool, so the wet rag to the head does the trick.

24 July 2007

Big Texas Hair

OK, everyone knows that girls in Texas are known for their big hair, but I don't think any of them come close to this kind of volume naturally. Bix is at the "height" of style without even a drop of product.
(...and if years from now she complains of her massive curls, remember they come from her daddy not me)

23 July 2007

Any Water Will Do

You know that Bix loves swimming, but we have discovered that she will take water any where she can get it. Whether it is in a glass, the bathtub, or rinsing off in the sink (after eating cereal) this girl can't get enough.


21 July 2007

Hats-a -Plenty

We even have hats that match great is that?
She must really like it. It is 9:30am and Bix is still asleep. Aaah, the power of the nightcap...zzzzz

20 July 2007

Happy Friday

As you well know, Bix is a fairly content little baby. And while her hair is totally awesome, she looks pretty good in hats too.
Fortunately for her mom (the hat girl) Bix likes wearing hats too..

19 July 2007

More Swimming

I knew you couldn't get enough...

18 July 2007


OK, here it is...after much demand...we have the action. Bix loves to swim! This is just a small taste of the excitement that has been going on at our local pools this summer.


I know you all are wanting some live action on Bix swimming. We weren't able to get any yesterday, but I figured that some photos would still be better than nothing.
She loves the water and even likes to go you can see the progression.

First, a somewhat dry curly-topped Bix

Second, the water baby emerges from the pool

Third, a brand new baby...what? Who is that little child with straight hair? That couldn't be our Bix...oh wait...yes it is

17 July 2007

Heat Miser

Some of you will see the resemblance (most will not). A Year Without a Santa Claus was one of Auntie B and my favorite of all the Rankin/Bass Christmas classics. While I was a lover of all things melt-in-my-clutch. Auntie B enjoyed the freeze-in-my clutch angle. As you can see here...Bix takes after me.

14 July 2007

Sitting up Rocks!

Just wanted to prove to you that we didn't prop her up for a second and then take a is some untouched video of Bix sitting up on her own!

...and in case you were wondering, yes, it is the sheer weight of her cheeks that causes her to pitch forward like that.

13 July 2007

Sitting Pretty

OK, it is official Bix can sit up on her own. She has been doing it for a week or so now, but we wanted to make sure she had this new skill mastered before we put it on the blog. As you can see not only can she do it, but she thinks it's really much so she doesn't even like to lie down anymore. When we put her on her back, she props herself on her elbows so she can keep looking around.

11 July 2007

What Color Are My Eyes?

That is the question...

Some days we could swear that she has the bluest of eyes, the next they are green, wait...what is that you say? You have seen them and they are wait 10 minutes...they are brown.
Since both her father and I are colorblind (rare for me, but yes it's true) we need your opinion.
This is the most recent/best photo we have of her eye color. Please take a minute and post a reply to what you think. We will tally the votes and let y'all know at the end of the week.

10 July 2007

Tennis Anyone?

This morning we went over to the club to meet Grandma's tennis friends. Bix was dressed in her Wimbledon whites (thank you Kearneys) and the extreme humidity did wonders for her curls.

All the volleys, overheads, and lobs really took it out of her...a post match nap was all she wanted. (sound familiar Poppo?)

09 July 2007

Fourth of July Week

It has been a busy week and so much fun has been had. I have been running around with no time to get on the computer so Bix will be guest blogging today.

We had such a wonderful time celebrating our Nation's Birthday this week (and my 5th month birthday on Saturday). It all started on Tuesday with a trip to Shreveport (I was very well behaved in the car I might add). Then we got up early Wednesday morning and went to run the Firecracker 5K. It was very humid and early in the morning and it was Mommy's first race since I've been around...I think she went pretty fast considering.

Next we drove up to Homer to spend the day at the lake with family. Great-Grandparents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins...we had a blast!

Uncle Jimmy brought lots of fireworks...I was very brave and did not cry at all because of the loud noises, I rather enjoyed all the pretty colors...especially the wonderful dance Mommy did with the sparklers!

After the fireworks we were all very happy! I love to do things with my Daddy!

We hugged and kissed everyone and said "good-bye for now". Cousin Alyssa is very good at giving kisses.

We left the next day, but not until after CiCi taught me how to drink Diet Coke. Yum!

On Friday Mommy's good friend Erin brought her son Charlie to visit. He is a little older than me, but we had a great time playing with all of his cars...vroom-vroom.

Then I had very exciting Auntie B and JCR came to visit! We did lots of cool stuff. We went shopping,out to lunch, to Fifi's house for a pool party, and to Grandma and Grandpa A's house for brunch. You can see here how much fun we had...

What a fabulous week!!! I hope to see you all soon. Come to town to visit as soon as you can. Thanks for letting me blog.

02 July 2007

Sooo Much Rain

Don't get me wrong...we are VERY happy that we have yet to reach the 100-degree mark yet this summer, but it is cramping our style a bit. It rained so much that Bix didn't even get a chance to swim at Stacey's today. If she had the water would have been too cold anyway...the sun doesn't shine long enough to heat it up. Oh well, I am sure we will be getting enough sun soon.

Bix says "brrrrrr"

01 July 2007

Redneck Luau

Yes, it is that time of year. The Krewe de Roux gets together and has ourselves a bar-b-krewe. A good time is always to be had with this group of fun-lovers. Bix was too small to go to the Boudin Ball this year (she was only 3 days old) so she took this opportunity to really let her hair down. Bix got into the theme of the party (as you can see here) and really let her hillbilly, party-loving ways shine! Yee-Haw!