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31 May 2012

Play Date

Duets by Cash and Fi.

Arts and crafts for the big kids.

Big fun all around!

30 May 2012

Then We Were at the Lake

Where cousin Archie was waiting for us!

We celebrated mommy's birthday with the family.

Smiles all around.

Of course there was lots of "lake time"!

Aye-Aye Captain Bix

So fun to be on the boat!

The wind through our hair.
Fi wasn't sure if she wanted to get back in.

Archie thought this was a chair designed for him.

 Thumbs up from Bix.

We also hit the beach while we were there.

 Fi had fun making sandcastles.

Bix was quite proud of her "seahorse cake"

After all that sun, Fi needed a break under the kitchen table.

More lake cheese balls?! No wonder the big smiles.

More swimming!

Ice cream for breakfast?! Only at the lake...

Poppo needed a massage after all that boating.  Fi to the rescue.

So sad to leave, but we'll be back later this summer.

22 May 2012

09 May 2012

Sorry We Haven't Posted

Mommy has been busy.

The girls have been too.  Though these shots are a bit blurry...this is the conga line at the Elvis-impersonator concert.

While not the ocean, the fountains made everyone happy.

The girls even had a picnic.  Is the inside of the van really that different than a beach experience?