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28 September 2010

Darth Vader

Luke...I am your father.
Notice Return of the Jedi playing in the background?  We aren't exactly sure why our three-year-old daughter likes Darth Vader.  Maybe it is because he has a cool costume, and great theme music.  Bix says under the mask he is Anakin.  She says he isn't bad because he is Luke's dad, and he ends up good at the end with Yoda and Obi-Wan.  

27 September 2010

Out for a Stroll

Fi is cautiously taking some steps.

Bix, on the other hand, knows exactly where she's going.

23 September 2010

My Girls

Always having so much fun together...

21 September 2010

Lovely Louisiana

Had a terrific time this weekend!!!  First things first...the girls had to get in CiCi's huge tub and have a bath.

Waiting for JB, KK and Kosmo to arrive was agonizing for Bix.

Hiding in the dark, Bix (aka Luke Skywalker) waited to pounce.

Once they arrived, it was all smiles.

Well, mostly.  Fi wasn't quite sure about the big dog.

She wanted to be close...just not too close.

Next up was Mami's 90th birthday celebration.  It was a lovely party.  Bix couldn't wait for Mami to open the hand-painted mug she had made.

Then it was off to the bed and breakfast for more party.  Bix "swam" in the hot tub.

Fi and Mami were all ready to watch the game and cheer on the Tigers...

The power went out and this is how we spent most of the game.

That's ok...LSU pulled it out.  Geaux Tigers!

Sunday we all relaxed before heading home.  Bix helped KK wash Kosmo.

She also learned how to drink from the hose.

Fi spent her time inside looking at KK's wedding album...

and practicing her walking.

13 September 2010

Night Swim

Bix thought that instead of taking a bath we could go swimming.  Good call!

Fi was loving it.

Are we clean yet?

One more rinse.

08 September 2010

Bed Time

Bix got into her pjs all by herself (pretty sure the new Buzz Lightyear's did that for me)

Fi fed herself a bottle.

These girls are really getting it together!

07 September 2010

Fi Time

While Bix was off at school, Fi took time to catch up on some reading,

and watch the rain.

So much fun!

She was equally excited when we picked big sister up at school.

06 September 2010

Happy Birthday Andy

We had a great time swimming,

laughing with friends,

and enjoying the sun.

What a fun group!

Happy Birthday!

02 September 2010

First Day of School

Bix was ready to go!

What a difference a year makes...sigh.

Fi said, "What, Bix is going to be gone all day?"


01 September 2010

Hurry Hurry Hurry

Bix is always on the move.  She was so ready to go out for an evening stroll that not everything was exactly in place before she headed out the door.