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30 November 2007

Little Buzzer

She is making that noise with her mouth...I promise.
(make sure to turn your volume up)

29 November 2007

The Thinker

Bix cannot decide...should it be the sweet potatoes or the butternut squash? As she contemplates this decision you can find out where you too can purchase this stunning bib.

28 November 2007

Who Needs a Real Wagon?

Not Bix. Anything you can drag around the house makes a great ride!
I know Auntie's a little bit hillbilly.

27 November 2007

It's Here!!!

After months of people telling us that Bix was teething, we finally have it! This morning when I jokingly said "oh, she probably has a tooth", and then half-heartedly sticking my finger in her mouth...I felt it.
She was a little fussy and clingy yesterday (which we attributed to all the travel and being off her schedule). Guess we were wrong.

This is a shot of her being unhappy yesterday. Will get to you with photos of actual tooth as we can.

26 November 2007

How Bix Spent the Holiday Weekend

After a delicious turkey dinner in Dallas with Grandma, Poppo, Auntie B, Too-Too, Aunt Liz, Grande Fifi, Mike, the Trepaniers, and Trish and the boys...We were off to Louisiana for Thanksgiving EP.

We had a great time with family in Winnfied. I think Bix' favorite part (besides the food) was playing with her cousin ElleAnn.

After a long day of entertaining the masses, Bix headed back to Shreveport. Bix was energized by a good night's sleep so she decided it was time to bring leg warmers back into style.

That worked up quite an appetite so off we went to Imperial Cathay where Bix enjoyed her rice (but most of all the tanks of beautiful fish)

A hearty lunch really gives a gal energy so Bix thought it was time to learn how to climb stairs.

The weekend was then topped off with a trip to the store with CiCi to get Bix geared up. We are ready for Christmas?!

22 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Wow, there are so many things to be grateful for this year. We live in an amazing country, and have wonderful friends and family. This Thanksgiving we celebrate all the blessings God has given...this one in particular.

Thank you ROCK.

21 November 2007

Our Little Eater

Bix has always been known for being a good eater. Milk, vegetables...even a pork chop here and there...she eats them all with glee. Last night she branched out.


20 November 2007

Golf Anyone?

Bix will drive the cart for you. (with a little help from Grandma) She loves cruising around in the cart. She may be the next Tiger Woods or she may just be content to ride in the cart...either one...doesn't matter to us. As long as she keeps having fun.

19 November 2007

Still #1

Tigers win! Oregon and Oklahoma both lose. The BCS standings are going crazy. Good thing LSU has this little tiger cheering them on.

14 November 2007

Summertime Still?

We are halfway through November...and it is still in the 80s. Hopefully this is the last day for the sleeveless tops and capris. Delkus says we should be getting a cold front through this afternoon.

13 November 2007

The Littlest Fashionista

Bix has the flair. Mixing high and low end baby clothes together once again. Who would have thought to combine the embroidered cargo pants from the GAP with the pink camo t-shirt from the the Dollar Tree? Kate Moss? Maybe. Bix? Definitely!

Yeah...she looks good...she knows it.

12 November 2007


It is an important part of any girl's life. I am glad to see tht Bix has taken an early interest in these things...




and even Wigs--

She may look just like her daddy, but she has the fashion sense of her mommy...aaah, yes.

09 November 2007

Baby Mum-Mum

The latest snack food craze sweeping the nation. Rice rusks are delicious and nutritious and Bix loves them! Get yourself some today.

08 November 2007

Let Me Out

Bix has taken to standing at the sliding-glass door. She likes especially to press her face up against it.

07 November 2007

Nine Months Old?!

Hard to believe, but yes...Bix is 9 months old today. We had to celebrate the right way of course...and like I always say, no occasion is complete without a crown!
So here is Queen Beatrix (the American version, not the Dutch one) putting up with her mommy foisting yet another costume on her. Oh how she wishes she could truly rule her subjects...

Stat check for the nine months:
19 lbs 9 oz (60th percentile)
28 1/2 in (80th percentile)

05 November 2007

Samuel Jackson

She hardly looks like herself with the curls covered up (more like that famous "Snakes on a Plane" actor) but yes, that is Bix.

Auntie B and Uncle C were in town this weekend and Bix was showing off some of her new threads. This particular hat has a matching skirt...both will be getting a lot more wear this holiday season.

01 November 2007

How to Keep the Baby Clean

...and keep your sanity at the same time.

With Bix favoring the shove-your-hand-in-the-mouth-after-every-bite-and-then-
wipe-it-in-the-hair technique of eating, we have resorted to the giant bib/towel. She doesn't seem to mind. The important part (the food) is still getting in her mouth. Plus she is still feeding herself finger foods so don't worry about her fine motor skills.