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31 October 2012

Happy Hallowen

Hope your day was as sweet as these two...

29 October 2012

More Fall Fun

Wednesday we had Fi's Fall Festival.  The girls were dressed as a skeleton, and apparently "Hannah Montana" (at least that is what Bix told me)

The preschool Fall Festival wouldn't be complete without Finley!  Remember this? And this?

The girls love checking out all the costumes in the Halloween section.

So cool.

Some dressing up over in the clothes section too.

Friday night dress-up time at church.  Cinderella, Mrs. Roper, and Cinderella.

21 October 2012

Fall Festival

The past two weeks have been hampered a bit by a nasty stomach bug, but looks like we are all healthy and back on track.  Just in time for Bix' school carnival!

Bix and Gwen checking out the back of a police cruiser.

The officers even let the girls use the siren!

Kennedy, Bix and Gwen getting sno cones.  Yum!

There were lots of games...with awesome prizes.

Blue tongue.  Guess what flavor sno cone Fi had?

Bean Bag Toss.  Both girls did great.

Spray Away.  They knocked off the golf balls with the water gun.

It took Fi a long time to decide on her many delicious choices.

Surprise visitors!!

Our little pumpkin and scarecrow.

Every good festival ends with a dance party...Gangnam style.

09 October 2012

Cousin Time

We finally got to meet the newest edition to the family...cousin Eloise!

The girls were very excited.  They both wanted to hold her.

Bix first.

Then Fi.

Lots of cuddles with Grandma.

Aunt Liz 

Love snuggling with my "namesake".

Grandma with all her grandkids

 Fi showed Archie how to use the ipad.

Aunt Liz hanging with her great-nieces and nephew.

Sweet kisses.

 More fun with cousins...and Grandma!

The whole trip was wonderful...until the ride home.  Poor Bix got sick.

Fi complained about the "stinky," but holding a wipe over her nose seemed to help her make it the rest of the way home.

 We are looking forward to seeing everyone again real soon.

06 October 2012


Fi's big birthday present was a big-girl bike...with no training wheels.  I think she is getting the hang of it.  Here she is on her first day.

05 October 2012

Happy Birthday Fi

Can you believe this girl is three!?




She was so proud and excited to bring doughnuts to her class.

03 October 2012

Oliver Twist

The girls both had the look of street urchins after a trip to Mooyah (and it's giant dry erase board)  Fi wins for looking like an Victorian-era orphan.

Bix wins for sounding like one.