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30 September 2011

First Haircut

The unruly curls (which were actually looking pretty good today) had to be tamed. We, of course, headed over to Hair's Best Friend (yes, actually the name of the salon).

Fi was a little nervous...until Grandma showed up.  Then it was nothing but smiles!

Up in the chair caused a brief moment of panic.

But Ms. Connie worked her magic, and had Fi relaxed in no time.

Fi sat very still and was complimented on how "grown-up" she behaved.

Pretty soon she was chatting nonstop.

Ms Connie made a new friend. (In no small part thanks to that lollipop).

All smiles.

Another satisfied customer.

You might not be able to tell from these pics, but her hair looks remarkably better.

29 September 2011

Picture Day

Bix' had school photos today so she warmed up with some posing at home.

Fi wanted to get in on the act too.

Later she showed off what she learned.

28 September 2011

Still Summertime

Can you believe we haven't put the slip 'n slide away yet?

I guess just because it is nearly October, we should think the temperatures should actually drop out of the nineties. (at least we aren't still over 100!)

27 September 2011

Mail Call

When the weather is nice, Fi likes to read her mail outside.  What's this...a jury summons?!

22 September 2011

My Silly Girls

Silly and oh so cute...

19 September 2011

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Combined with Uncle Casey's birthday you have this touching tribute.

We love you!!!

18 September 2011

Happy Birthday Stacey

The girls were so proud of the cake we made.

Don't forget the birthday book.  Drawn by Bix, colored b Fi, and stapled by Mommy.

The cupcakes were pretty terrific too. (thanks Ang!)

How did she keep her hands so clean, and just a dab of chocolate on her chin?!

We love you Stacey!  Happiest wishes always!!!

16 September 2011

While Bix is at School

Fi is alone. (Well, besides her mommy)  Having lunch.

Wearing her skirt "way high" like Grandma likes;)

Playing with any toys she wants.  No big sister to stop her!

Getting ready to "ex-ah-size."

Doing those things only a toddler can.

She seems to be coping well, but is always excited when we "Go school?!  Get Boo?!"

14 September 2011

Peg-Leg Fi Hearty!

13 September 2011

The Perfect Sleeping Bag

Not certain exactly how old this thing actually is.  The orange and green turtle sleeping bag was Aunt Fifi's before it was Mommy's.  I must say it is about the softest thing ever.  Bix loves it too!

11 September 2011


That's what the sign says.

Bix thought we should have a lemonade stand and hand out free lemonade, because not everyone has money with them.  Most people thought she was quite the entrepreneur.

I guess "free" lemonade is really profitable.

Go Bananas!

Bix had her first soccer game.

Also...her first goal!  Of course she did what all the greats do right after scoring...high-fived her mom. (In her defense mom is also the coach)

If you missed the shot, watch the clip is at the very beginning.

08 September 2011

Ladies Who Lunch

With Bix at school these days, Fi is having to schedule lunch dates with other friends.

05 September 2011

Happy Birthday Tammy

The girls are looking stylish in your honor.

04 September 2011

More Fun This Weekend

Bix insisted we take Kosmo to the park.  Fortunately, the cold front, that brought the temperature down into the 90s made that possible.

There was lots of sliding. (until the slides just got too hot)


Bridge crossing.


Hanging around.

Of course we had some pretend restauranting too.

"Fetch, Kosmo!"

Then it just really got too hot for all of us.

Besides, JB and KK were coming to the house!  Bix was ready to see her boyfriend and try on his boots.

KK and Fi having quality time in the tent.

Fi finally warmed up to Kosmo.  Unfortunately, it was time for him to leave.

One last kiss good-bye.

Have a safe drive home!  We'll miss you.

03 September 2011

Geaux Tigers

Daddy and CiCi were at the game savoring the win over the Ducks! The girls and I enjoyed our own tasty, deep-fried bird at Chik-fil-a.
Fi scaled the heights of the the playground, and was victorious (like the Tigers).

They were all smiles.

Purple Gold Purple Gold Purple Gold Purple Gold Purple Gold Purple Gold