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30 June 2008

Bix and Her Tricks

There has been several requests for video lately, and with a few minutes of time and the computer back in working condition, here is some footage of Bix.
She really knows lots of animals, but right now it seems her favorite is the seal. Bix also knows several body parts but has a similar fix on the nose lately. One thing the girl knows for sure is that when she sees a camera "cheese" is what you are supposed to say.

29 June 2008

All is Well

Bix is over her sickness and back to her old self. She was feeling so good today she insisted we go to the sprayground.

She had such a good time it was hard for her to leave...

but we let her play with an entire bottle of water when we got home so all is forgiven!

27 June 2008

How are You Today?

Bix is doing better (we think). Fever all day yesterday, and getting sick in the middle of the night (and twice more this morning). Bix "slept" with us so no one is really well rested today. Bix' response to throwing up was to say "mess, mess, mess" over and over. It was sad but also very cute.

As you can see here, Bix is not quite herself, but she was feeling well enough to watch a little Elmo.

26 June 2008

It's Back!

Yay! The computer is fixed, and we are back to the blog. Bix was very sad...

but now she is happy!

Hope you are too!

24 June 2008

Did You Miss Me?

That is what Bix wants to know. While she has been busy doing lots of important making phone calls, bringing tube socks back into style, and helping us paint the kitchen, unfortunately we have been without computer for the past few days and unable to let you in on any of this excitement.

Don't know when we will be getting the Mac back so be patient with us...

20 June 2008

Glamour Girl

Always checking herself out in the mirror...wonder where she gets that?

Oh, and yes, she does have her arms out to the side in order to keep all the beads on.

19 June 2008

Fine Dining

The beauty of eating al fresco...

Who needs plates or napkins?!

18 June 2008

Bix and Kenji

...or as Bix says, "Ken-zee".

This of course is Hay-wee's cousin who has come to visit Aunt Stacey. They have been swimming and playing together all week and are both looking forward to spending "all day" together on Friday!

17 June 2008

The U.S. Open

Bix was in to it all weekend. We cheered for Rocco, and were amazed by Tiger. Bix wanted them both to win, but in the end (after a grueling playoff and the final sudden-death 19th hole) Sammy's daddy was triumphant.

16 June 2008

Coffee Break

Relax, and take some time out this morning to celebrate the moments of your Bix.

Kind of reminds me of this...

13 June 2008

It's a Bird, It's a Plane...


Stronger than a stuffed animal, faster than paint can dry, able to leap a crack in the sidewalk in a single bound...SuperBix is here to save the day!

12 June 2008

Favorite New Thing

Bix has taken a fancy to her play tunnel this week. Whether she is crawling through it, playing peek-a-boo with it, or bouncing on it, the girl is having a good time.

She is particulary fond of standing in it and shouting "up/down, up/down" as I pull it up and down.

11 June 2008

Happy Camper

...not always.

Bix is a pretty upbeat kid, but she does have her moments. Look out for the "evil eye".

10 June 2008

Pink Princess

Bix isn't your typical girly-girl, but you wouldn't know it from this ensemble. Shirt, hat, and sippy cup all matching?! Work it girl!

09 June 2008

Bye-Bye Hay-wee

Bix and Hailey had one last hurrah. They learned the piano together.

They played like real big and little sisters. (The little one bugging the big one) "Smell my feet Hay-wee"

Mostly they had a good time just hanging out together in their matching outfits.

The "bye-byes" were many, the hugs were sweet, and the tears were few.
We will miss "The Hayler", but look forward to seeing her again real soon!

06 June 2008

Best Friends

I am sure that is what Bix would say about Hailey if she could actually express that concept. "Hay-wee--Hay-wee" is all she says...all day long. There is a bit of an age gap so they can't do everything together, but when they do, a grand time is had by all!

05 June 2008

Summertime Uniform

Bix has been in the water so much lately, she has hardly worn regular clothes. Maybe she just likes that she doesn't have to wear a diaper for the brief time she goes swimming. Whatever the reason, Bix is living in her bathing suit.

04 June 2008

Bix Loves Kosmo

Bix had lots of fun. She learned new words like "puppy" and "stay". Next trip to LA we will work on "fetch" and "heel".

03 June 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Birthdays don't get much better than that...

02 June 2008

Wedding Time

Bix was invited to another wedding, and there is not much this gal likes more than a party. She loves the crowd, the noise, the food....everything. She especially likes getting dressed up.
This is how Bix looks when Mommy arranges the outfit.

This is Bix left to her own accessorizing. I think the girl has flair!