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31 August 2011

Tea Party Style

Isn't this how everyone does tea?!

28 August 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma

Fiona was very specific about how she wanted to dress for the party.

We celebrated in style, with a lovely brunch.

It is difficult to get the girls to look at the camera at the same time.

 This was our best shot.

Afterwards, we headed back to Grandma's for presents and a little Mexican.

We love you Grandma!  XOXO!!!

23 August 2011

Sci Port

Bix had been talking about this place since her last visit to Shreveport.  We had to check it out.

There is all kinds of stuff for the kids to do, and ours had a terrific time!  Hello, Builder Bix.

Fi does her own building.

Fi making phone calls from the kid-size two-story play house.

Working together on a mock-up of a new house.

Bix battling her "fear" of heights.

Fi brought Daddy along for the ride.

Afterwards, it was home for a rest...complete with beads.

"Today was AWE-some!"

Quite possibly the highlight for both of them.

22 August 2011

Weekend in Shreveport

We had so much fun this weekend.  Thank you CiCi, KK, JB, Grandmommy, Kosmo and Buddy.  The girls were so sad that we actually had to leave you all.
The trip started with a delicious outing to Strawn's, followed by a visit to CiCi's office.  The girls each took turns handling some business.
"Where is the rest of my mail?"
"How can I help you?  Do you need a visa?  Let me finish this contract."

"Wait, don't bother me...I am working on an H-1B."

CiCi's new office was great!

Later, of course, there was dinner at the Oyster Bar.  Yum.

Never a dull moment.  Cannot imagine if this one were actually twins!

Bath time is the highlight of the day for some folks.

The next morning we spent a little time relaxing with KK and JB. 

Then it was time to go to Sci Port, but that is a whole other blog entry entirely.

17 August 2011

Last Day With Archie

The girls put on a musical extravaganza.  Here is just a taste:

Archie wasn't quite sure about all that.

But we had lots of snuggles and smiles.

The only sad part was saying good-bye.

Personally, this is my favorite photo of the weekend.  (Nice bib, Arch)

15 August 2011

More With Archie

The girls were really sweet with their cousin. Bix was especially loving being a big-girl.

Fi was just as enamored with little Arch as Bix, but she also was equally concerned with marking her territory.  Here she is sharing her beloved balloon.

 "Let me take that bottle from you."

"Sorry, I love you!"

Fi pretending Archie is a small Japanese to her Godzilla.

Again, hugs and apologies Cous-Cous.

"Somebody help!"

This is how it's done.

"Yeah, you can stand up Archie, but I can climb on top of the table."

"Let me take your toy from you."

"I will now block your exit and relieve you of your favorite toy."

"I'll talk to her and see what I can do."

Good times in the bath tub.

14 August 2011

Weekend With Archie

Oh, the indescribable excitement the girls felt when they found out their cousin was coming to town.
Bix was couldn't wait to get her hands on him.

Fi was excited but took a little warming up.

They bonded over drinks.

Archie loved every second.

Even though it was overcast and a little drizzly, the girls insisted Archie had to go swimming with them.

Nice hair Arch.

We all enjoyed a dip in the pool.

This was just day one.  Stay tuned for more fun...Archie spent the night and the girls still can't get enough of him.

10 August 2011

Keeping Cool

Due to the record-setting consecutive 100+ degree days the girls have been watching more TV lately.  You can see here, it hardly hypnotizes them at all.

09 August 2011

A Little Bump

Bix and Fi are spending more and more tie playing together, which seems to mean more and more bumps and falls.  Today it was Fi knocking her head into the door (when Bix dropped her).  We quickly applied the ice pack.

Bix thought it sounded like a good way to cool down.

08 August 2011

Heat Wave 2011

We have been doing our best to stay cool in our 100++ degree weather.  The best antidote so far (besides staying inside with the A/C on high) has been the sprayground.

Bix and Fi are really beginning to play well together!

All that splashing makes the girls thirsty...

and hungry.