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22 August 2011

Weekend in Shreveport

We had so much fun this weekend.  Thank you CiCi, KK, JB, Grandmommy, Kosmo and Buddy.  The girls were so sad that we actually had to leave you all.
The trip started with a delicious outing to Strawn's, followed by a visit to CiCi's office.  The girls each took turns handling some business.
"Where is the rest of my mail?"
"How can I help you?  Do you need a visa?  Let me finish this contract."

"Wait, don't bother me...I am working on an H-1B."

CiCi's new office was great!

Later, of course, there was dinner at the Oyster Bar.  Yum.

Never a dull moment.  Cannot imagine if this one were actually twins!

Bath time is the highlight of the day for some folks.

The next morning we spent a little time relaxing with KK and JB. 

Then it was time to go to Sci Port, but that is a whole other blog entry entirely.


Auntie B said...

Looks like a great time so far!
I will definitely be going to my nieces for all of my foreign student needs.

Poppo said...

I guess the girls did all of the work, and Ci Ci took the day off.