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27 December 2011

Merry Merry Christmas

Hope yours was as warm and wonderful as ours...

16 December 2011

Bed Time Stories

Tonight the girls took turns reading to me.  Bix first...

Then Fi...

And sweet dreams to you all.

15 December 2011

Santa's Village

As usual, everything about Santa's Village is sparkly and festive.

Bix was excited to meet and pose with the Cat in the Hat at the North Pole Library

Hanging out with old friends.

Here you see Bix and her elf friends from 2008.

They were new to Fi this year, and she didn't want any elf upstaging her.

Though you can't tell from this photo, the sleigh ride was very fun. (I think the girls were sad they didn't get to sit together)

This is the view from inside Frosty's house.

Neither girl was totally in love with the, Frosty seemed to be experiencing a migraine. (not sure about his helper either)

At the Beary Good Hospital both girls got weighed and measured.

Bix and Fi also spent some time being interviewed for K-ELF TV.

At the North Pole Police Station, McGruff the Crime Dog gave the girls hugs for knowing how to dial 9-1-1.

Bix stopped to pose with Mrs. Claus...Fi got a cookie from her and took off.

 Our little firefighter.

We rested by watching a few musical performances.

Then we headed home...we were all tiered out.  So much fun!

12 December 2011

New Hats

Since it is starting to feel a little bit like winter around here, I figured the girls should have their Christmas hat and mittens sets a little early.

The girls immediately showed us they were good for keeping heads warm, but equally suited for pretending to be puppies.

10 December 2011

Christmas Show

The older preschool kids put on a terrific performance of songs.

They were all decked out in their holiday best, and their biggest smiles.

Bix' class were the horses in the "Happy Birthday Jesus" song.

The concert was followed by a party of cookies, juice and laughter.

Fi thought it was pretty cool to get in on the festivities.

07 December 2011

The Ice Palace

The mall didn't just have Santa sitting in a chair, there was a whole "experience" for the kids.  Starting with comparing your height to that of the polar bear.

"What else do they have here?" 

Hmmm...interesting videos about seals and arctic foxes.

 Pose for a photo on the "Ice Throne."

 And of course there is the SNOW!!!


Our little snow angels.

Looks pretty real to me.

Then, of course, there is Santa.

One last hug.

Plus, a keepsake book to take home.  So much fun was had by all.

05 December 2011

A Visit With Santa

As far as pictures with Santa go, I think this year is pretty good.

Last year was a little more difficult for Fi.

The previous year was just super-sweet.

We had a lot of fun with Santa, as well as Grandma and Poppo, playing on the playground, and lunch at the mall.  You can look for some of those photos next.

29 November 2011

Cousin Christmas

Since we won't be together for the big day, we let the kids exchange Christmas gifts early.  Bix was jazzed about Strawberry Shortcake.

A doll that actually plays peek-a-boo was a huge hit with Fi.

Archie was totally into his Cookie Monster keyboard, but was understandably keeping a close watch on his cousin Fi. (she likes to take things from him)

How cute are these these three in their matching reindeer pjs?

As you can see, it is difficult to get the whole trio to look at the camera.

Seriously...these girls are loud.

Who?  Me?

Yes.  You.  Totally.

But we just really, really love you.

Our Christmas is merry already.

27 November 2011

Thankful Thanksgiving

So many things to be grateful for...I can't even begin to name them.
We had a lovely "Thanksgiving Week" with cousin Archie and his folks.  Bix loves to love on her cousin.

I think we can all agree that Grandma is Arch's favorite.

Who are we kidding...she's everyone's favorite. (and who can blame them)

Auntie B made sure to get plenty of squeezes.

From both of her girls.

So thankful we got to spend the day with Aunt Liz!

Bix needed a few moments of alone time.

Fi, meanwhile, was trying to give Arch some sweet kisses.

I think the smile on his face means that Grandma "rescued" him from his cousin's love.

What comes next?  After all that turkey, stuffing, and fun?

Pie and ice cream!!!  With EXTRA whipped cream, of course.

After all that eating...we all had to kick-back and relax.

Then it was time to hit the stores for "Black Friday" shopping!  

OK, not really, but don't these two look ready to hunt down some bargains?