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27 November 2011

Thankful Thanksgiving

So many things to be grateful for...I can't even begin to name them.
We had a lovely "Thanksgiving Week" with cousin Archie and his folks.  Bix loves to love on her cousin.

I think we can all agree that Grandma is Arch's favorite.

Who are we kidding...she's everyone's favorite. (and who can blame them)

Auntie B made sure to get plenty of squeezes.

From both of her girls.

So thankful we got to spend the day with Aunt Liz!

Bix needed a few moments of alone time.

Fi, meanwhile, was trying to give Arch some sweet kisses.

I think the smile on his face means that Grandma "rescued" him from his cousin's love.

What comes next?  After all that turkey, stuffing, and fun?

Pie and ice cream!!!  With EXTRA whipped cream, of course.

After all that eating...we all had to kick-back and relax.

Then it was time to hit the stores for "Black Friday" shopping!  

OK, not really, but don't these two look ready to hunt down some bargains?

1 comment:

Auntie B said...

We had a great time - it flew by!

Those two definitely look ready to shop! So stylish!