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05 November 2011

Happy Birthday to Colt

It was a mighty grrrrrreat day for a parrrrrty.  That's right, Colt's turning 3 and a Pirate party was the plan.  The girls were dressed and ready to go!

Bix was so excited there was a face painter!!!!!  This time she went with a jaguar.

Fi was very interested in watching Bix get her face done, but gave a polite "no thank you" when asked if she cared to be painted.

Here is the pirate/jaguar in captivity...ok, you are right, it is really a bounce house.

Fi found some buried treasure, and an eye patch that never quite stayed on.

This cat had some dirty paws after a yummy cupcake.

Fi had the one with the "X" that marks the spot.  Delish!

Aaaaah, what a fantastic party...

Smiles all around.

Happy Birthday Colt!  Great party Colt's mommy and daddy.  Love y'all!

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Anonymous said...

Great pics of yours girls. Their energy and imagination is contagious. Great to see u and catch up -jodi