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31 July 2008

Working Hard

We aren't sure where she gets it...but this gal really likes to keep things clean.

30 July 2008

Keeping Cool

It has been over 100 degrees the last several days. When we can't make it to the spray-ground or a nearby swimming pool...we do what we can in the backyard.

28 July 2008

Nothing is Simple

A trip to the mailbox used to take about 90 seconds. It takes a little longer these days...

What Color Are These Eyes?

Mommy and Daddy are going to start describing them as "camouflage".

25 July 2008

Belated Birthday

We had a great time this weekend with CiCi and Pops. We sang "Happy Birthday", and Bix sang "happy to you". Since Grandma and Poppo were out of town for Daddy's actual birthday, we celebrated with them tonight.

Is That CiCi?

Nope...just Bix doing her best imitation. She really got a kick out of walking around with CiCi's reading glasses on. Bix liked the magnifying effect it had on everything.

24 July 2008

Off to Grandma's

This is typically how Bix dresses herself for just such an outing.

23 July 2008

Big Shoes to Fill

We all know Bix loves her crocs. Lately we have noticed that she likes everyone's. She tried walking around in Daddy's, but it didn't quite work out for her.

22 July 2008

Bag Lady

Bix can hardly stand to leave the house not fully accessorized. Buckets, beads, baskets, purses...even books are the accoutrements this girl needs.

21 July 2008

Bug Bite?!

Friday evening, while Bix was out for a walk, I wiped a bug off her face (just under her eye). We didn't think much of it, but it was a little puffy so we iced it.

Saturday morning we thought it looked a little worse.

The doctor said there was nothing to do so we went ahead to the Krewe pool party. By the time we left, it was looking like she had gotten into a brawl with somebody.

We thought the worst was behind us. Well, Bix woke up Sunday looking like this...

Seems like it took a little longer for the healing process to begin. Here is how the eye looks today.

We made one call to the doctor and one call to Aunt KK, RN, but we made it through. Bix was quite the trouper...she never whined, scratched, or did anything other than be her normal, charming self.

18 July 2008

Loving the Water

Bix spent most of her Arkansas vacation in the water. Mostly she swam around the lake in her shark, but

Bix also had quite the time with her new Elmo sprinkler.

It is also important that one has the right clothes when spending the day at the lake. Bix was sure to have a snazzy cover up that matches her crocs.

After a hard day of swimming, this girl likes to kick back with a cold one.

Bix hopes that you enjoyed this look back at her time in the Ozarks. Next week we will be back in the present, and I am sure Bix will have all kinds of new adventures to share.

17 July 2008

Look Out Kyle Busch

Bix had her first experience "driving" the shopping cart. Two steering wheels and two horns was quite the thrill. She said "beep--beeeep" all the way through the store and shouted "HI" at every person she saw.

We tried to get her out of the "car", but she would have none of that.

Bix would have driven the "car " home if possible.

16 July 2008

4th of July

Started out with Bix declaring her independence.

Of course you can't have a summertime celebration without corn on the cob.

Is that three ears of corn already?

Topping off the day were fireworks on the lake, and 1st Mate Bix was ready to help steer the boat.

And make certain that everything was ship-shape.

Finally, it was time for the LOUD explosions and bright lights. What did Bix think? Well, the only things she said during the show were "Wow", "More", and "Wow-wee". She loved every minute of it!

15 July 2008

Bix Goes for a Walk

The "daily constitutional" is pretty much an everyday occurrence. Bix likes to warm up by marching in place.

Then it is a steep hike up the driveway.

There are lots of sights to see. Is that a bird or a plane?

Oooh, what a lovely native Arkansas dwelling.

The road provides an interesting texture to feel (and sometimes taste...ewww)

The most fun part is the finale. Bix loves to run full-speed down the driveway..."hold on tight Grandma".

14 July 2008

Summer in the Ozarks

Bix has all kinds of fun at Grandma and Poppo's lake house! Lovely weather for hanging out on the porch and having a snack.

Not too hot and not too cool...perfect conditions for taking a dip in the lake.

Bix really enjoys climbing stairs!

All that swimming and climbing, and it is time for another snack!

Stay tuned for more of Bix' adventures in Hot Springs Village all this week.

13 July 2008

We're Baaack

and Bix has hit the ground running...or maybe that would be sliding.

We had agreat time visiting with friends yesterday, and Bix had a fantastic time on the Slip N Slide