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29 June 2012

Summertime Makeovers

Bix goes for a new hairstyle.

Fi goes for facial hair.

So stylish.

26 June 2012

Grandma and Poppo are Home!!!

The girls couldn't wait to see them...and show off all their new swimming skills.
Bix has been diving...

Fi gives her jumping a little "artistic flair."

Fun with Grandma!

Doesn't get any better than this.

23 June 2012

Great Week

The girls finished strong.  Patriotic shirts with craft flowers we made together at "story time".

Each one got a medal to cap off Olympic Week. Our little champions...

19 June 2012

Olympic Camp

Bix and Fi were off to day camp.  This was Fi's first time to go somewhere alone all day.
She was very proud and looking forward to going to school just like Bix.

 They were both excited!

Afterwards, the girls were so hungry, they didn't even make it to the car for their snack.

Two more days!!!

18 June 2012

Father's Day Weekend

That's right a whole weekend of fun for Daddy.  This year that meant lots of fishing and relaxing with our good friends. Once the kiddos got out of the boat, the dads headed onto the river for some fishing.

We adopted some grandparents for the weekend too.

Thanks for the great time Grampa O and GrammyEllo!

All four kids love playing (and swimming together)

Look at those faces!

Daddy with his girls.

G and Bix looking stylish in their Daddies' glases.

Not to be outdone...Fi strikes a pose.

The girls painted some pictures for Daddy.

This one they did together.

Before hitting the road, the kids all chowed down (amazing how well our kids eat when there are other kids around)

Thank you McDs for an awesome weekend!  Love you all!!

12 June 2012

Mommy's Little Bakers

The girls were all geared up for a little baking this afternoon.

"Silly," but still ready.

Check out these stylish aprons...and our wooden spoons.

Fi was very proud of the brownies.

Couldn't get Bix to stop eating long enough for a pose.

Way more chocolate on the face than in the belly.



One last bite!

11 June 2012


The only thing better than swimming is swimming AND eating pizza.

The girls couldn't get in the water fast enough!

Four days of swimming lessons...

Daddy and the girls making waves.

10 June 2012

Do We Dress Up Every Day?

Yes.  First Bix was Cinderella, so that of course meant that Fi wanted to be Cinderella too.

Here they are as the "Ugly Step-Sisters"

Just kidding..."we are totally sweet"

Costume change.

Our avant-garde daughter.

Fi was digging the bow.

Then of course, there was LOTS of dancing. (do you love the high kicks?)

09 June 2012

Saturday Mornings

The girls and daddy made a quick trip for doughnuts, then it was couch time!

Fi pretending to smile for the camera while she is really watching cartoons.

Sister time!

Then daddy tried to watch the rest of the LSU baseball game.  I think the girls were really into it too.

How I love easygoing weekend mornings:)

07 June 2012

Outfit Changes

This was just today between coming home from the store and dinner.
Ladies Who Lunch

 Next Came the Cold Front

 Super Cold!

 Bix Dressed as a Two-Year-Old (yes, those are Fi's 2T's)

 Fishin' Time

 Action Shot

How many outfits did you wear today?

06 June 2012


OK, so this actually happened two weeks ago, but I am finally getting around to posting Bix' preschool graduation.
Ready for the last day of school.

Remember the first one?

Fi was ready to go too. (She is the same age as Bix in the previous picture)

A little celebration for the little "graduates." The whole family was there.

A balloon release, with a prayer before. Our sweet Bix took to her knees.

There they go!

Fi kept a close eye on the whole affair.

A cupcake and a juice box to top it all off.

Bix straining to keep smiling for the camera.

Bix' first school friend.

Remember them?! So grown up now.

One last smile with Mrs. Castleman.  We love her!