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30 December 2008

Let's Go Ride a Bike

Grandma's Christmas present was this seat and helmet for Bix...I think it might really be more for Bix.

29 December 2008

Christmas Overload

OK, I really don't think it is possible to have too much celebrating, but there appears to be only so much a 22-month-old can handle. Bix adored every second of the family, friends, food, gifts, photos, singing, shopping, decorating, and general merriment, but I think she finally needs to regroup.

This morning we had a nap (only 45 minutes), then a cranky toddler for a few hours, then it was back to bed this afternoon another nap (2 hrs long). Hopefully tomorrow our little angel will be returned to us.

26 December 2008

Tired and Happy

Bix had a wonderful Christmas...we all did. What better way to top off a big week than a move into a big girl bed? Bix shows us all how to sleep in heavenly peace.

..and for a closer look...

She is growing so fast...sigh.

24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

May the reality of Christmas morning be as wonderful as the anticipation, and hopefully filled with all the things you much as Bix loves popcorn!

22 December 2008

Party Weekend

Four parties to attend, and one to host at our was definitely the weekend of the Christmas party.

There were 11 other kids to play with at our house, and Bix thought that was fantastic!

She made more new friends at the Barbours...both human and mechanical.

Bix and Odin played together, but Bix did not like the way he kept stealing her food.

...and we know how Bix loves her food.

Finally it was time for Christmas with Trish and the boys.

So much fun, it feels like Christmas is already here.

18 December 2008

You Better Watch Out

You better not cry. You better not pout I'm telling you why. Bixie Claus is coming to town.

17 December 2008

Ready to Drive

That is what Bix thinks she is. She has the shades...

And she has the wheels...

She'll be big enough before we know it, but for now she'll have to settle for pretending.

15 December 2008

Wisdom Teeth

I am having mine removed tomorrow, so it is smiles for now...

Tomorrow may be a different story...

14 December 2008


One of my favorite Shirley Temple movies of all time! You have to love the orphan Barbara "Ching-Ching" Stewart who "sings and speaks Chinese".

Shirley in silky Chinese pajamas singing about Christmas...nice tribute Bix.

12 December 2008

Wild and Crazy Girl

We have so much fun at our house.

11 December 2008

Bundle Up

We had quite the chill this morning. No snow, but it did drop into the 20s last night. Bix got her hat and coat on, and insisted on carrying her biggest stuffed animal with her in the car. I guess she knew Big Bear would help her stay warm.

10 December 2008


Bix loves it, but she especially loves it at Carmine's. Her first visit to a restaurant took place here when she was three days old, and it is a favorite spot for lunch dates with daddy. Today we dined with Stacey, and Bix got full...look at that belly.

Bix got her first taste of arcade driving. I had trouble pulling her away from Pole Position. "No Mommy, No"

09 December 2008

Santa's Village

If you are anywhere near Richardson you should totally check it out. They have so much to see and do. All kinds of lights to see, music to hear, and things to investigate. Bix got very excited when she saw Santa drive up on the fire engine!

She had a lovely chat with Frosty.

Met Some elves.

Got a cookie from Mrs. Claus.

And topped it all off with popcorn!

Has Christmas come early or what?!

08 December 2008


Bix loves the sound of that word. She chanted it all the way to Stone Horse for dinner with the girls. We all had a great time, but I think Bix had the best time. She was doted on by all the ladies as well as the owner, his wife and the rest of the staff. They brought her plates of strawberries and carved special oranges for her.

Then they let her help close down the restaurant for the evening. Bix wants to go back very soon. You should too if you want some tasty sushi!

Girls Trip

Bix, Too-Too, Grandma and I took a quick trip to Austin to see Auntie B.
First stop was a visit to the Pro-Ed offices to see all the ladies (and Bob). Thanks for the bouncy-ball Joanne and Gwenda all your toys and games were great!

There were lots of Christmas decorations to be inspected, and Bix loves the ones she can see herself in.

Fun times with girls!

Bix liked playing in the leaves at Auntie B's house...

Until she sat down on this cactus.

It was time to go. We were able to soothe Bix' pain with a little Barney video and some apple juice. Poor little "Cactus Pants".

05 December 2008


Did you know they are all the rage? The hot new accessory for the holiday season.

..and a pair of sparkly jeans doesn't hurt either.

04 December 2008

More to Be Thankful For

Bix spent a lovely day in Winnfield. It is a little bit of a drive, so Bix passed the time reading the paper.

Not only were there lots of cousins to play with, but there were lots of "puppies" too!

Thanks to Maria's patience and steady hands, Bix had her first manicure.

Cici bought her a beautiful new coat and hat at the Youth Shop.

And there was lots of yummy food, hugs, and kisses from Mami.

We are so thankful for it all.

03 December 2008

Fun With the Cousins

It all started with the "parade".

Then it was time for a rousing game of jump-on-the-bed (always a favorite) with Julie, Brianna, and Alyssa.

Megan and Bix enjoyed an excellent dinner at the Oyster Bar.

Bix followed Elle Ann everywhere.

Sometimes she couldn't get close enough...

And to top it all off, "the boy" aka Ethan gave Bix a pony ride. Yippee--Yahoo!!!

Cousins are awesome.

01 December 2008

Dinner in Homer

Thanksgiving at Grandmommy's was lovely. Bix was overseeing things from the beginning, making sure all the food was ready to go.

She also made sure that everything got eaten, and that she didn't miss out on any of the pie. Thanks Pops.

After the meal, Bix helped out with the clean-up.

All that activity mad her hungry for more.