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08 December 2008

Girls Trip

Bix, Too-Too, Grandma and I took a quick trip to Austin to see Auntie B.
First stop was a visit to the Pro-Ed offices to see all the ladies (and Bob). Thanks for the bouncy-ball Joanne and Gwenda all your toys and games were great!

There were lots of Christmas decorations to be inspected, and Bix loves the ones she can see herself in.

Fun times with girls!

Bix liked playing in the leaves at Auntie B's house...

Until she sat down on this cactus.

It was time to go. We were able to soothe Bix' pain with a little Barney video and some apple juice. Poor little "Cactus Pants".

1 comment:

Auntie B said...

Thanks for such a superfun visit! What a great time!

Don't worry Bix - our new house has NO cactus!