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09 December 2008

Santa's Village

If you are anywhere near Richardson you should totally check it out. They have so much to see and do. All kinds of lights to see, music to hear, and things to investigate. Bix got very excited when she saw Santa drive up on the fire engine!

She had a lovely chat with Frosty.

Met Some elves.

Got a cookie from Mrs. Claus.

And topped it all off with popcorn!

Has Christmas come early or what?!


Anonymous said...

So much fun! We miss y'all! Love, Kimberly and Jarrod

Auntie B said...

So cute! Glad Bix had so much fun at Santa's Village! And poporn, too - definitely her kind of place!

Poppo said...

Hmmmmmmm. and where is the picture of her on Santa's lap?