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29 March 2012

Spring Break

Yes, it was a while ago, but these girls sure have been keeping us busy.  Spring break started out with an overnight trip to the Anatole.  The view from the 25th floor was pretty good.

The girls were all about exploring.  This was the lobby area closest to the pool.

After a swim, we had a tasty dinner at Media.  The interactive, light-up floor was a big hit.

All the excitement made Fi thirsty.

Sister-love! (late night to say the least)

Even after a late night, we were all smiles.

One last look out the window.  Fi is pointing at the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge.

Going down.

Waiting for the valet.

Not even on the highway, and the girls were already talking about when we can do it again.

24 March 2012

Spring Rain

It was pouring down last Saturday, but we still had team pictures.

Fi was ready for the wet weather.

Bix didn't seem to care whether she got wet or not.

The game was canceled, but sandwiches in the car made for happy kids.


13 March 2012

A Little More Archie

We all had a great time with Arch, and were sad to see him go.  We did have a little more time with him...
Fi loves playing with the iPad, and likes showing Poppo what she can do.

Archie wanted to get in on some of that "Poppo Time"

OK, Archie, Fi will show you some apps you can handle.
All that computer-work made Archie hungry.

And was story time, then down for a nap.

Then Bix got out of school and was ready to play.  She was also famished, so Bix and Fi made themselves mini-pizzas.  Yum.

Seriously...good stuff.

Archie woke up and wanted to know what was going on!

Alas, it was time for him to leave.  We miss you Archie, and are looking forward to seeing you very soon.
In the meantime, Fi is enjoying having a little more time with Grandma, and thinking she is pretty much the cat's meow.

07 March 2012

He's Back!

That's right, cousin Archie is visiting for a whole week, and we couldn't be happier.
The weather has been gorgeous so there has been a lot of outside fun.

Most of the excitement happens at "FunCity 2"

Grandma has her hands full.

Archie mostly has his mouth full.

I think the Ducks Unlimited sticker really toughens up the pink four-wheeler.

They got a new swing "for Archie", but the girls are enjoying it too.

Archie loooves to go high!

The girls are also teaching him how to ride a bike.

The scooters are the preferred method of transportation, and the only problem seems to be that there are only two of them.

Fi still isn't totally sure about this kid that seems to take up a lot of Grandma's time.

We have seen this posture in excess the past few days.

Oh, who are we kidding...these two are pals, and are having more fun every day.