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13 March 2012

A Little More Archie

We all had a great time with Arch, and were sad to see him go.  We did have a little more time with him...
Fi loves playing with the iPad, and likes showing Poppo what she can do.

Archie wanted to get in on some of that "Poppo Time"

OK, Archie, Fi will show you some apps you can handle.
All that computer-work made Archie hungry.

And was story time, then down for a nap.

Then Bix got out of school and was ready to play.  She was also famished, so Bix and Fi made themselves mini-pizzas.  Yum.

Seriously...good stuff.

Archie woke up and wanted to know what was going on!

Alas, it was time for him to leave.  We miss you Archie, and are looking forward to seeing you very soon.
In the meantime, Fi is enjoying having a little more time with Grandma, and thinking she is pretty much the cat's meow.

1 comment:

Auntie B said...

Archie had such a great time and was sad to leave! He is also glad that Poppo made the blog this time!