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07 March 2012

He's Back!

That's right, cousin Archie is visiting for a whole week, and we couldn't be happier.
The weather has been gorgeous so there has been a lot of outside fun.

Most of the excitement happens at "FunCity 2"

Grandma has her hands full.

Archie mostly has his mouth full.

I think the Ducks Unlimited sticker really toughens up the pink four-wheeler.

They got a new swing "for Archie", but the girls are enjoying it too.

Archie loooves to go high!

The girls are also teaching him how to ride a bike.

The scooters are the preferred method of transportation, and the only problem seems to be that there are only two of them.

Fi still isn't totally sure about this kid that seems to take up a lot of Grandma's time.

We have seen this posture in excess the past few days.

Oh, who are we kidding...these two are pals, and are having more fun every day.


poppo said...

I see lots of pictures, but Poppo is in none of them. I guess that's because Grandma is such a favorite of the kids. Can't blame them.

Auntie B said...

Archie had the greatest time and he cannot wait to come back!