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31 October 2008

Happy Halloween

We tested our costume, and it looks like Uncle Sam is a "go".
Here is the complete outfit:

This is what I imagine she will look like most of the evening...especially after a few "treats".

30 October 2008

Beach Time

The rest of the trip was spent on the beach. Bix loved everything about the sand and water. We couldn't get many photos of her face because she was to busy digging around in the sand and splashing.

You never realize how many cracks and crevices there are on the human body until you try to clean a toddler up after a day at the beach.

Nothing a good romp in the hot tub can't fix.

29 October 2008

Theater of the Sea

Bix' next stop on her tour of the Keys.

What a blast! Bix was very excited about the dolphins.

She was not quite sure what to make of the sea lions.

An unusual creature I am sure.

Bix did work up the courage to get a little kiss.

And speaking of kisses...Bix wantd me to tell you that she "does not have a crush on JB". (not that we believe her.)

After the bottomless boat ride, Bix decided she needed a cold beverage.

So much fun. Bix gives Theater of the Sea two big thumbs up! time she wants to swim with the dolphins.

28 October 2008

Key West

It was a bit of a drive, but Bix can handle long car trips when she is surrounded by her entourage. (It also helps when JB claps.)

We walked down to the Southernmost Point in the United States to pose for some pictures, and I believe if we hadn't forced her to leave Bix would still be there now.

27 October 2008

Back to FL

...and the wedding.

Saturday started out with a lovely luncheon at the Lazy Days restaurant. Bix was in her element with all the people, toys and food she could play with.

Then it was back to the beach house for a mini spa day.

Bix got dressed in her fancy dress, had flowers tucked in her hair, and was given a basket full of flower petals. After a few pointers from Daddy she was ready to go.

She did a fanastic job! Petals were tossed, smiles were made, and a quick retreat was made to the back of the ceremony. Bix enjoyed the sunset and the wedding from this vantage.

All that flower-girling really works up a thirst.

There were then lots of photos to be taken.

Bix wasn't quite ready to pose with the bride and groom.

As the sun sank low in to the gulf, the party really got started.

Bix was ready to go home (3 hours past her bedtime)...what a trooper.

Congratulations Shannon and Nick! We love you.


As an aside...I have been checking this blog out for months, and fallen in love with all her outfits. I can just picture Bix in all her delightful clothing. We are so excited to be able to purchase these adorable skirts!


25 October 2008

Back to TX

Well, at least for a day. (We'll finish with FL later)

Bix had a great time at the Walk & Wag & Run at White Rock Lake today. Bounce houses, costume contests, candy, kids, petting zoo AND pumpkin patch...the girl was on serious sensory overload.

All that being said...I think the most fun Bix had was playing with Savannah, and "driving" Stacey's car.

24 October 2008

Day Two

Friday was the rehearsal dinner at the Islamorada Fish Company. Did I mention that Bix was asked to be the flower girl? Well, she didn't do much practicing, but she did get to the bar as quickly as possible. The girl has got to have her cocktail!

After her cranberry on the rocks Bix watched the feeding of the sharks with great fascination.

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset, and had a lovely dinner by tiki-light.

Bix spent as much time as possible with her "boyfriend" JB.

Mommy spent most of her time chasing Bix.

So much fun, and we only have more to do.

23 October 2008

We're Back

Florida was wonderful, but there were so many great pictures, and so many things to tell about...we will go through it one day at a time.

Day 1: We had extra time waiting for our plane at the airport. (I blame my hyper-punctuality on Poppo...I also thank him for it.) Fortunately our gate was very close to the play-area.

Bix had a blast and was only lured away by the promise of a snack...that's my girl. "Beep-Beep"

As soon as we arrived at the beach house Bix was off to check out the ocean with Pops and KK. (yes, this picture was taken from our house, and yes that was our very own private beach.)

Before we knew it...Bix was busy buidling sandcastles. An activity that kept her quite busy all week long.

15 October 2008

Frequent Flyer

Bix is getting ready to take to the skies again.

She has her pashmina, and is all set to go!

14 October 2008

The Great Pumpkin

I think we have now been to the pumpkin patch 4 times, and Bix is starting to turn into one.

Here she is with all her new friends.

12 October 2008

Fun Weekend

Bix had a great time hosting Auntie B and Uncle Casey this weekend. There was a fun birthday party for Aunt Liz, another trip to the pumpkin patch, and Bix even made it all the way through church in the nursery! The highlight for Uncle Casey may well have been the win by his beloved Longhorns, but Bix really enjoyed stealing Auntie B's sunglasses and dining at Corner Bakery. (It's always about the food and the fashion for this one.)

So much fun whenever you visit...we miss you already!

09 October 2008

The Great Snacker

Give Bix some animal crackers and a chair on the porch...she is one happy girl.

08 October 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

The Methodist church around the corner from us has a small pumpkin patch, and Bix has been clamoring to stop and see it all week. As soon as I set her down out of the car she took off running.

"I'll take this one."

"No, maybe this one."

Aaaaah...there are so many pumpkins to choose from!

"Ok, ok...I'll take this one."

Today may have been the first visit to the pumpkin patch, but by no means will it be the last.

07 October 2008

Remember a Year Ago?

Bix is 20 months old today! Last year at this time she was pulling herself to a standing position for the first time. These days, we just appreciate it when she stands still.

06 October 2008

Queen of the Playground

Bix had tons of fun with CiCi and Pops this weekend. One of the highlights was definitely a trip to the school yard. Bix conquered every slide, swing and step in the place.