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23 February 2011

Don't Know Where the Time Goes

There has been plenty going on...I just haven't seemed to be able to sit down long enough to post any pictures.
We had a lovely heart-shaped pizza to celebrate Valentine's Day. (Yes we are quite the romantics)

The weather has been lovely, so we have been taking advantage of it, and having lots of picnics.

 There has been a lot

of scooter-riding.

 And racing.  On your mark...get set...

Four-wheelin' is another fair-weather activity.

Fi is getting into her fair share of mischief. (busted-lip, goose-egg on her forehead, and scraped up chin just this week.)

Bix is always working on becoming a fashionista.

Cousin Archie is visiting for the week, and he isn't quite sure what to think...

16 February 2011

Bix' Birthday Bash

We had so much fun!  Bix was in heaven, after all her house was filled with a bunch of her friends.  We also had a giant geodesic ball that the kids took turns bouncing around in.

Plus more silly-string than should be allowed in one home.

At least, more than Daddy really wanted on his shirt.

The Mardi Gras/Hello Kitty/Princess/Craft theme was a big hit.

Fiona didn't hesitate to mix-it-up with the big kids, and got herself a big slice of cake. (plus she ate most of Bix' who was too busy playing to eat.)

We played in the ball long after the guests went home.  Wow, that is some serious static.

10 February 2011


Saturday was perfect for hitting the slopes...of the golf course.
The girls got warmed up taking a ride with Daddy.

Then Bix tried it on her own.

Fi took to the snow in a little bit smaller sled...a cookie sheet actually.

Snow much fun! Hee-hee, I can never resist the pun.

08 February 2011

Arctic Blast!

We had so much fun playing in the snow last week!  Here are some shots from the first day of snow fun, on Friday.  The girls couldn't wait to get out in it.

 It took a little bit of time, but we got them all bundled up.

Our first ride in the sled was an ill-advised slide down the driveway into the alley.  We had not accounted for the slush-spray.

 Nothing could slow these girls down was a winter wonderland!

The sled worked great as a sleigh too.  We all took turns pulling, but I think Daddy was the fastest.

The most fun for both girls might have been when Bix was doing the pulling.

The snow was so dry we could barely make snowballs.

Snow angels were no problem though.

"Oh, that Bix is so funny."

 Sledding down the neighbors driveway out front was a much better plan.

Bix even gave Fi a push.

Couldn't of asked for a more beautiful day.

Well, wait until you see pictures from Saturday...

07 February 2011

Bix is...4!!!

Can you believe Bix is four years old already?!  We had a fantastic day today.  Started out with a trip to Dunkin' Donuts with Daddy.  After that a little arts and crafts time, and I shared a brief birthday retrospective with Bix.

7 Feb 07

 7 Feb 08

 7 Feb 09

 7 Feb 10

Sigh...where does the time go?  After our trip down memory lane, it was off to McDonalds for birthday lunch and playground time.  Then we went to Target where Bix spent some of her birthday money on a princess hairstyling set, Hello Kitty sparkle nail polish, and a princess nightgown.  Mommy and Daddy bought her a pair of awesome pink cowboy boots that we practically had to pry off her feet at bedtime.
By this time little Fi was in dire need of a nap so while she was asleep Bix and I played hair salon with her new toy.  (She of course was "Ms. Connie")  Then I painted her nails a beautiful shade of glitter.
When Fi woke up it was off to Grandma's and Poppo's for a few more presents...most notably a big-kid Razor scooter that is..."just like Grant's".  After riding the scooter for a bit we worked up an appetite for some Carmine's pizza (of course).  But not before Bix fixed Grandma's hair.

Fi-the-assistant also got in on the beautifying (apple in hand the entire time.)

Bix got her first trip in her new booster seat!  She took the responsibility very serious.

While waiting for our food Bix finally got to play her first arcade game (thanks Grandma).  Auntie B you will be proud, she chose Ms. Pac-Man...and scored a 1660!
As we were reading bedtime stories CiCi called with birthday wishes and capped off the day perfectly.  I can't imagine anyone having a better birthday from start to finish.

We had more photos of the big day, but Mommy left her camera at Grandma's and Poppo's.  We'll get some more photos and videos this week.  We will also try to post some of the highlights of the snow and ice.  We took so many pictures it is hard to narrow them down.

03 February 2011

Cabin Fever

I hear it has struck with epidemic proportions.  We are having a pretty good time over here though.  The sister love never stops.

 Fi is only sad because we made her come inside.

 Got the tiger hat, and she is ready to go.

 This was Bix' third or fourth outfit change of the morning.

 "En Garde" with a giant icicle from the back yard.

Loving all this togetherness!

See y'all later...after the ice melts.

Home Bound

We haven't left the house in two days, and looks like tomorrow is more of the same.  Good thing the girls are entertaining.