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27 February 2009

What's Up Doc?!

Bix can't get enough of those carrots.

24 February 2009

Happy Mardi Gras

Bix had a fantastic time this weekend! A trip to LA to visit Pops and CiCi, plus two parades...she was in heaven. Bix loved everything from the bands to the floats to the beads to the police cars, but it seems that her very favorite was the pirate.

20 February 2009

8 Seconds

Lok out JB Mauney. Bix is hoping to be the first woman to win the PBR Championship.

19 February 2009


Bix likes to find a quiet place, alone where she can really focus. She finds that she really can maintain inner peace when she starts out with some deep breathing exercises. Bix believes this is very important...being 2 can be quite stressful.

17 February 2009

Toddler Soccer

This is the way 2-year-olds play together. Thank goodness we have enough soccer balls to go around!

16 February 2009

Boudin Ball

The Krewe de Roux held our 8th Mardi Gras ball on Saturday. Bix helped us with the set-up...overseeing the beads.

We all worked really hard to pull it off.

Bix had a fun-filled evening with Grandma and Poppo. Mommy and Daddy had a a fun-filled evening too!

Happy Valentine's Day!

12 February 2009

Too Bright!

That was what Bix said about coloring in the kitchen this morning, but she knew how to fix it. Bix went and got her new sunglasses, and colored away!

Nothing can stop this girl.

10 February 2009

More From the Weekend

Bix had a great visit with CiCi and Pops. They did all kinds of fun things like coloring, opening presents, and Bix even showed them how she could carry water in a bowl.

There was also birthday dinner at Carmine's.!

During bath time Bix demonstrated her art skills with her new tub paints. (Thank you KK and JB!)

It was such as special weekend.

Bix never wanted to say "good-bye".

We miss you already...

08 February 2009

Happy #2 Bix

Our first toddler party. We had lots of giggles, shouting, and playing accompanied by even more eating.

Bix performed a killer harmonica solo.

Followed by an awesome duet with Ethan.

Then it was time to sing "Happy Birthday" and blow out the candles on the cake.

The adults ate most of the King Cake, but the kids were all about the cupcakes.

Hey...Charlie stole a Birthday kiss.

A great time was had by all!

05 February 2009

Play Time With Grandma

With hardly a glance over her shoulder Bix says "bye-bye Mommy", and takes off for a day with Grandma.

03 February 2009

Free Grand Slam

Everyone got the message from the Super Bowl ad. Bix and Poppo decided we couldn't wait in the line at Denny's. That's ok...Bix prefers the Rooty Jr. at IHOP better anyway.

02 February 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

I will let you guess what Bix' favorite part of the party was...

How great is frosting?!