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31 May 2011

The Office

The girls are hard at work.

This is serious business.

Bix is trying to think of a name for the company.

Do you have any ideas?

26 May 2011

Last Day of School 2011

So much fun!  The kids played games.

There was a party with snacks!

Unfortunately that party was yesterday.  Bix missed the last official day of school with a fever near 104.  Today looked more like this...poor thing.

Fi had to make her own fun. (Yes, that is a pink fuzzy slipper wrapped around her waist with a telephone cord)

Look out Summer...Here We Come!

25 May 2011

Krewe de Roux Crawfish Boil

We had our annual crawfish boil/pool party, and this year both girls had a blast.
Fi checked out the food.

Went for some mudbugs (that Daddy had peeled).

Ate faster than we could hand them to her.

Total satisfaction.

Bix was more interested in the pool.

Jay made a new best friend...Bix loved every second of it.

Fi thought that was funny.

Look out Gidget!

What KdR party would be complete without some dancing?  The girls practically closed the party down.

18 May 2011

Weekend in LA

We had a terrific time visiting CiCi, KK, and JB.  In total we travelled over 1,000 miles in the car.  The girls had much more fun with KK in the backseat.

First stop...the Audubon Zoo!  Here we have Bix posing at the front gate in front of a statue of John James.

Fi relaxed for a few minutes in the stroller, but didn't stay there for long.

 Bix was our tour guide, and she studied the map very carefully.

First stop...the flamingoes.

Where to next?

Statue of the leopard of course.

Time to climb Monkey Hill.

Fi spending time with JB.

Gotta love the giraffes!

Fi enjoyed the Bayou section of the zoo.

Really diggin' the gators.

Check out the white alligator.

Time to take a rest on the porch...

 And watch the nutria.

The zoo comes complete with an awesome water park.  Bix loved it...Fi not so ready to get wet.

We were all tired out.

 But that didn't stop us from having fun at the wedding!

 In the morning, it was off to Cafe du Monde for some beignets.

The girls played dueling spoons, and mostly ate spoonfuls of powdered sugar.

 Like father like daughter.

The Mississippi was a little higher than normal.

 In Baton Rouge we got some close-up action with Mike.

On the way home we stopped for an ice cream break.  I just love how these two are learning to share.

10 May 2011

Praise and Worship

The kids are learning great stuff at Chase Oaks Church.

08 May 2011

Happy Mothers' Day

A big "thank you" and "we love you" to all the Moms...especially CiCi and Grandma.  You make the world go round:)
My sweet Bix had quite a lovely array of handmade treats for me.

We spent the weekend doing lots of fun things, and the girls were on their best behavior.  We had an awesome time at the Myers' crawfish boil.  Delicious food and...face painting!

Nothing says "I love you Mom" like a Spider-girl face.

The girls were well occupied with games and other kids, so mom could eat some crawfish.

Fi was fishing in the water-cooler, not the beer.

At Charlie's birthday party in the park, the girls played so well together.

They even shared a shady spot under a tree for a snack break.

As a mom, I really couldn't of asked for a lovelier weekend...

03 May 2011

Getting Ready for Bed

Isn't this what everyone does right after they take a bath?

We wind down by playing outside.

I am guessing that may be why Bix just walked into the office at 11pm.