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22 May 2013

The String Bean

We love having dinner (and playing) there.  Sharing a meal with Stacey makes it even better!

21 May 2013

Buddy Fun Day

Basically like field day, but lots of the kids wear matching shirts with friends.  The kids had all the activities on their backs, and after each was completed...they got them punched.  Here are buddies Ava, Bix and Lilah.

Go Bix, Go!

Penny toss

Koosh ball bouncing

Sled racing in the gym

Bowling (look out Auntie B)

Bubblegum blowing contest.  Maybe Bix will do better next year (when she learns how to blow a bubble)

The "high" hurdles


The famous Rubber Chicken Toss

Of course there was face painting

Topped off with a rainbow popsicle.  So nice.

Fi had her own "buddy" day with Poppo.

Fi contemplates her day...

The day was topped off for both girls with a birthday party!  We all slept well Friday night.

20 May 2013

Happy Monday

How does your hair look this morning?!

Be thankful YOU are not having a bad hair day.

15 May 2013

Playground Fun

Before the rains (and tornadoes) came, we had some fun at the park earlier this week.
Swinging high and flying

Working those monkey bars

This girl loves to climb

This one prefers to be a little closer to the ground.

 Extra fun when we find that Karsten is there to play with too!

All that playing works up an appetite for a family fish fry.

No one cooks 'em up quite like Daddy

14 May 2013

School Stuff

Lately we have had...
Muffins with Mom

 School pictures

 Pajama Day, that included parent music day too!

Fun playing outside in the beautiful weather

And don't treats from the treasure box

12 May 2013

Happy Mothers' Day

The girls are so blessed.  We have so many mothers in our lives.  It is impossible to describe all the amazing, wonderful ways our moms bless are a few.

Teaching the importance of a good Mardi Gras parade

 Reading good books and having great snacks

 Teaching how to play the (player) piano and knowing how to have fun in a blackout

Taking kids to Disney World

 No matter how big the kids are

 Sharing a lifelong love of creating and crafting

 Driving lessons

Learning how to bake...and that licking the beaters is ok

 There is nothing better than a boat ride at sunset

Showing the girls how to cheer and twirl

The list could go on and on and the thanks could too.  Thank you to all the Moms in our lives.  Thank you Lord that you know just how to love us and gave us all just the right Mom!

11 May 2013

Teaching at Chase Oaks

I love communicating the Word of God to the 4 and 5 year olds at church.  What do I love even more?!  These two helpers!

Thanks, Bix and Fi, for being awesome on the praise team.

09 May 2013

Taco Cabana

The new one opened, and we couldn't wait to get there.
Tacos for Bix

Fi enjoyed her quesadilla, but liked her soda even more!

Two very happy girls

 We love Taco Cabana!


07 May 2013

Happy Easter

There was a lot of activities and fun building up to Easter.  Christmas gets an entire "season," and Easter is an even bigger deal.
We started out with early Easter baskets from Grandma and Poppo.  Candy, hats, AND lipgloss?! Pure greatness.

In their Easter bonnets...

Oh, and they also got these masks.

Grandma always finds the best pjs.

Our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt was a little chilly this year.

But it we still had our face painter.

A tiger for Bix...of course.

Don't forget the train!

Next up, the Chase Oaks Eggstravaganza.  Like the way Fi uses an empty basket?

The egg hunting was for the preschool kiddoes, but older siblings were allowed to help.  (and they shared the loot equally)

There was also inflatable fun!

Bix was determined to make the climb.

CiCi and Grandmommy came to visit Easter weekend, and there was a trip to the American Girl store.  Bix finally had her Kit doll!

Easter Eve included making Resurrection Cookies and dying the eggs.

Easter baskets galore on Easter morning. (this is starting to look a lot like Christmas)

After some egg-hunting and candy eating, it was off to brunch with Stacey and Andy.
(and the new dolls)

We have wonderful memories to go along with this most joyful celebration.  He is Risen.  He is Risen indeed!