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30 November 2008

Plenty to Eat

With Thanksgiving dinners in Homer and Winnfield, plus trips to the Oyster Bar and Strawn's...Bix definitely got her fill.

We had a wonderful time, and will be sharing some of the highlights throughout the week.

27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

So many, many things to be grateful for. Blessings to you and yours this holiday weekend.

26 November 2008

What Holiday Is It?

Bix knows that Halloween is over, and that there are no more pumpkin patches. When we are in Target or Walmart she sees all the Christmas trees and gets very excited. We are trying to teach her to say "Happy Thanksgiving", but about all we get is "Happy Gobble Gobble". (which is pretty good too) So here she is meeting us halfway between Halloween and Christmas. Does that make this her Thanksgiving Day outfit?

25 November 2008

New Coat

You might think, the way Bix is modeling, that this is a new article of clothing.

In reality it is the biggest 12M jacket of the market. I thought this coat was big last year, but what do I know about kids' clothing? Now the girl who is a 2T can finally wear it.

24 November 2008

Cold Snap

We had our first taste of cool weather this weekend. Bix is totally ready for it.

21 November 2008


Yes I know, it seems like we have a food theme going but, hey, this girl really loves food!

19 November 2008


Who knew food preparation could be so thrilling?!


That's all Bix has to say today.

18 November 2008

Colton Jett

Bix has made another friend. This one is only two weeks old, but Bix wanted to hug and kiss him, and then of course...hold him. I think she did a pretty good job.

17 November 2008


Bix is loving her new ride. She hasn't learned that the name of it is Big Wheel, she thinks it is called a tricycle. One thing she knows for sure is that it is a gift from "Ponder". Thanks Mrs. P!

14 November 2008

Crumb Cake

Bix had her first taste of the "secret recipe" from B & W Bakery. She loved it! Thanks cousin Pam.

11 November 2008

Is It Still Halloween?

Bix thinks it is...or at least wishes it was. I bought a discounted costume (presumably to wear next year) that Bix has taken to wearing as a play-suit. She wants everything pumpkin. Plates, spoons, toys...she still asks to go to the pumpkin patch. Linus van Pelt would be so proud.

10 November 2008

Road Trip

Friday we were on the road. Headed to Baton Rouge to cheer on the Tigers, and see some friends and family! Bix was totally fired-up. "Road Trip, Road Trip!"

Mommy had some sort of stomach bug so it was Bix, Daddy, CiCi, Pops, KK, and JB who headed off to tailgate and check out GameDay.

Bix looked everywhere but she couldn't find Lee Corso anywhere.

She did however find one of the coolest trucks she has EVER seen.

Man, this girl really loves to party.

Maybe a little too much...time to go home.

But not without a visit to see Mike. Wow, that guy has sharp teeth.

Let's check them out a little closer.

Not only did Bix see Mike, but Laurie rode all the way back to Dallas with us!

Bix was very tired when we fianlly got home...

but she was very happy to be here.

05 November 2008

My Chauffeur

I have been fighting a little cold the past few days, but Bix doesn't let that slow us down. She is ready to take the wheel any time any one will let her. "Beep-Beep"

01 November 2008


Thank you Mimi for hosting the best Halloween party ever! The intrepid toddlers were very excited about the prospect of "trick or treat." (Charlie can't even sit still)

Charlie and Bix really got the hang of it. Neither one is very shy. "Get in there and grab the candy!"

What a life...being carried on Daddy's shoulders while eating chocolate. The perfect ending to a perfect party.

Not a single melt-down, not a single fight. These kids had a fantastic night.