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10 November 2008

Road Trip

Friday we were on the road. Headed to Baton Rouge to cheer on the Tigers, and see some friends and family! Bix was totally fired-up. "Road Trip, Road Trip!"

Mommy had some sort of stomach bug so it was Bix, Daddy, CiCi, Pops, KK, and JB who headed off to tailgate and check out GameDay.

Bix looked everywhere but she couldn't find Lee Corso anywhere.

She did however find one of the coolest trucks she has EVER seen.

Man, this girl really loves to party.

Maybe a little too much...time to go home.

But not without a visit to see Mike. Wow, that guy has sharp teeth.

Let's check them out a little closer.

Not only did Bix see Mike, but Laurie rode all the way back to Dallas with us!

Bix was very tired when we fianlly got home...

but she was very happy to be here.

1 comment:

Auntie B said...

Looks like a super-fun weekend! Glad your mom is feeling better, Bix!