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25 January 2010


Fi is starting to borrow her big sister's things already.  A girl has got to be stylish when out for a walk.

A Trip to the Mall

Bix had a great time in the play area, but was more concerned about lunch at Chick-fil-a, and even more concerned about trading in her toy for an ice cream cone!

Fi was not concerned about much of anything.

Well, until we got home and she could really cut loose!

21 January 2010

The Girls

The Artiste

The Drooler

20 January 2010

Bye-Bye Fifi

We will miss you so much!

Take good care of her Kara.

19 January 2010

Dinner Date

Charlie, Drew and Mimi came over the other night.  The little ones chilled in their chairs.

The big ones were a little more active...eating Chinese food and chasing each other around the house.

Mimi also got in the act.  She was enlisted by Bix to play the "wife".

Bix hippity-hopped them to the door.

Love you guys...come again soon!

16 January 2010


Fi got her first test drive in the Johnny Jump-Up. (best $20 ever spent) She was diggin' it.

Bix showed her how to do it...up and down and up and down and up and down...the girl never stops.

These two have so much fun together!

12 January 2010

First Haircut

Last week Bix started insisting that her hair was too long and she must go to the barber shop  and get it cut.  Well, we made an appointment at the salon (which she still insists is the barber shop) and went for a trim.  Bix consulted with Miss Connie on her desired hairstyle.

Fi was there to lend moral support.  (It was cold that day)

Bix had a great time being the center of attention, and sooo grown-up.

She also took the whole experience very seriously.

Poppo and Fi discussed their hairstyling options.

Look out Toddlers and comes Bix!

11 January 2010

12th Night Party

We celebrated the start of Mardi Gras season with the announcement of the Krewe de Roux Boudin Ball King and Queen and the royal court.

Daddy was out of town hunting, and Bix was spending the night with Grandma, so Mommy and Fi went to the party together.

Fi is a party gal!

08 January 2010

National Championship

Whenever there is a it fancy or casual, the girls are ready to go!

Miss Amy treated us to a tasty dinner and had some great toys to play with...Bix' favorite was Ace.

She also had a fun time with Greg and Chris.  She said she liked them because, "they make me silly."  (this is Mr. Chris)

While we don't normally root for "the Tide" (sorry Stacey), our home is an SEC house. So we were pleased with the outcome of the game.  Bix celebrated as all people do when it is 25 degrees outside...POPSICLE!

She is a nut.

06 January 2010

Arctic Blast

The girls are ready for some winter weather!  Each in her own "style".

04 January 2010

Wii Fit

Grandma and Poppo got one for Christmas and Bix loooves it.  Her favorite is boxing, as you can see by the intensity on her face.

Fi was inspired and thought pulling on Mommy's hair might have the same effect as the controller.

02 January 2010

New Year's Day

Fi did her best to cheer on the Tigers.

Bix recovered from a late night of celebrating.

We all went to our friends Kim and Chad's house to watch a little more football.  Bix mostly entertained the crowd, played with Snappy the gator,

and had Chad hold all her calls.

When we got home, Fi rolled over for the first time!  We don't have any documentation of this yet, but you know it will be coming.
Happy New Year to you.  Here's to a wonderful new year and all the excitement and adventure that will surely come with it!