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30 June 2009

Let the Sun Shine

Bix has some new shades, and she will be getting a lot of use out of them this summer.

29 June 2009

The Little Chef

Bix wanted to help in the kitchen. She had her new apron and was ready to go.

It is always fun to taste your own cooking.

Noodles are delicious!

28 June 2009

Family Reunion

We had a great time in Ft Worth catching up with the whole Cox clan. Bix had the best time hanging out with her cousins.

Eating played a very large role.

I think playing with the cousins topped the list of fun.

25 June 2009

Keeping Cool

With the mercury rising, and Mommy's tummy expanding...we are spending as much time as possible in the pool. Bix is starting to get the hang of it though. She has a new suit.

She's learning some new moves.

Look out swimmers, here comes Bix!

24 June 2009

Vacation Food

Bix is really taking after her mommy...seems like the highlights always include food!
A refreshing popsicle...or two.

Breakfast on the porch.

A picnic with Grandma.

Eating an entire ice cream cone by herself. (OK, maybe she had four over the course of the week)

Chocolate pudding at Molly O'Brians.

Road food from McDonald's for the trip home.

We had so much fun, I hope we get to go back for the 4th of July! Until then...stay cool.

22 June 2009

Sunday at the Lake

Bix is learning what her mother and auntie before her always knew. Sunday at Grandma's means...the Lawrence Welk Show!

19 June 2009

Let's Go Fishing

Bix got a new rod and reel and the Dollar General! She was ready to use it as soon as we got it home.

Things became serious for our little fisherwoman when we went out on the concentration.

18 June 2009

More From Arkansas

Bix doesn't have a set of clubs yet, but she is getting a feel for the greens.

17 June 2009

A Break From Vacation

I had to show you what Bix insisted on wearing to the grocery store today. "Not bad," you might think...

Until you remember that it was over 100 degrees here with not a cloud in sight.

Needless to say, she did finally let me peel the raincoat off.

16 June 2009

More Vacation

Bix showing off her new bathing suit...

The girl is ready for a swim.

She also wants to show you how she can cross her eyes.

(What, you thought there was going to be continuity in these entries?)

15 June 2009

What a Vacation

Bix and I had a little getaway last week, but now we are home. The best vacations are the kind where you truly can relax and have a good time. This is always the case when we go to the "Village". (Thanks Grandma & Poppo!) We will be bringing you the trip's activities all week long.
This was Bix' first ride on an airplane in her own (paid for) seat. She was such a pro! The airport and all the planes were totally enthralling, and once we reached cruising altitude Mary Poppins was mesmerizing. When we got to the lake it was time for a nap, but as soon as she was up it was out to the garage for chalk drawing

and "driving". I love the ease of entertaining a toddler.

05 June 2009


For breakfast! One of Bix' (and our) favorite times of day to go there. The play area is still clean, and it is much less crowded than during the lunch rush. Today Bix climbed to the top (with a little bit of help).

She drove the high-flying car.

Then she took a slide down the big corkscrew.

Finally, Bix topped breakfast off with a hot apple pie...delish!

04 June 2009

More Shopping

We went back to Old Navy. This time to get some dresses for Mommy. (I love that I can find inexpensive non-maternity clothes to take me through the summer.) Bix noticed immediately that "the people" weren't "going swimming anymore" they were "going to a party."

That Bix...she is always making friends.

03 June 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy

What a day! Daddy got up early with Bix, and let Mommy sleep in. There were lots of lovely birthday messages and wishes. Even though it was a little cloudy, there was time for a trip to the sprayground.

To top it off, we went out for a wonderful dinner that consisted of no dirty dishes to clean. Bix celebrated it all with a hot fudge sundae.

She totally cleaned her plate. Not a drop left.

02 June 2009

Old Navy

Bix loves to shop...and make friends here.

01 June 2009


Bix has now tried all the "sicles". Today it was the Creamsicle.

I think she likes it!