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04 December 2013


We had a full, long weekend of family and fun.  We are so very grateful for all we have.

26 November 2013

Here Comes the Tooth Fairy

Bix had a little help getting the first two teeth out.

She pulled number three all by herself

24 November 2013

Nice Hats

The girls really liked these Flipeez, but $20...really?! Not for us.

20 November 2013

Getting Chilly

That means it is time for hats

Bix proudly wearing the hat she made last year

 Fi got one for this winter

19 November 2013

Hair's Best Friend

The girls love going to the salon

Ms Connie is the best

Fi is very serious about her haircut

Bix like how smooth her hair looks from the front and back

Two satisfied customers

18 November 2013


We have had some cool weather here (yesterday's 84 degrees notwithstanding).  We figured it was about time to get ourselves a fire pit.

Best dinner in town

Thumbs up from Bix...she had 3

We promised they could stay up a bit longer, if they got in their pjs

14 November 2013

One Last October Post

We had several opportunities for dressing up this season...
The CDC Fall Festival

Dorothy, for the Storybook Parade

Costume Night at church

Halloween Outfits from CiCi

Trick or Treating

The payoff...

11 November 2013

Veterans' Day

Today we proudly honor the men and women who have served this great nation. At school there was a lovely tribute to these amazing people as well.

Bix and her favorite veteran.

Today was also Grandparents' Day at school.  How awesome is that!

Thank you to all our service men and women.  Only two people have sacrificed their lives for you.  Jesus Christ and the American G. I.  One died for your soul...the other for your freedom. I am proud (and grateful) to be an American!

06 November 2013

October...Part 3

What else was going on in October?  Well of course, the rest of the soccer season, plus...the school Fall Festival!

 Fun for the whole family

 Don't forget Gwen:)

Fun with Big Fi and Wee Fi

No lucky rabbit's foot prizes, but Bix knows how to rock the wax lips

Some Halloween prep

Coming up next...Boo at the Zoo

05 November 2013

October...Part 2

Fi had picture day

Bix had photos too

Sillyfun with Poppo

A little shopping

Bix walking to school with Peter (I told her "no horse-collaring")

Bix loves to carry her sister piggyback
Watching TV after school

Fi had her 4-year check-up.  Everything checked out great!

Our new exercise regime

It has cooled down enough for backyard campfires

But not so cold that we can't camp out

Fi sporting a pair of birthday party favors

Dressing like Auntie B...tunic with skinny jeans

Welcome to Bix' Spa

She still needs a little work with make-up application