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30 August 2010

Bug Bite

We aren't sure what got a hold of Fi's ear.

Seriously, though, that thing is red and swollen, but it doesn't seem to bother her at all. there something you aren't telling us?

26 August 2010

Learning New Tricks

Here are some of Fi's most recent accomplishments...

25 August 2010

Out for a Walk

Our first day not in the triple-digits!  That calls for a walk after dinner.  Looks like the girls saw lots of fun and interesting things.

23 August 2010

Bath Time

It is so much easier bathing two at the same time.  Plus the girls love it!

However, we still have to make sure Bix doesn't accidentally drown Fi by hugging her too much.  I know how you feel Fi (right Auntie B?)

22 August 2010

What Have We Been Up To?

She looks like a different girl but she is still our sweet, wonderful Bix (or "Luke Skywalker" as she is insisting being called this week.)
Bix was excited about the big hair cut, but still wanted RoRo to go first.

She had her first official beauty parlor hair wash.

Bix was so excited about not having any more ponytails, and loves everything about going to see Miss Connie.

She was also very serious and good about sitting still and tilting her head the right way.

Not much new with Fi.  She is all smiles.

Maybe she'll be walking soon?

13 August 2010


It has just been a couple weeks since those first two teeth poked through.  Fi sure is proud of them, but be forewarned she has "sharp teeth" just like her mama.

10 August 2010


We had a great time at "Camp Stacey" with Hailey.  Quiggly's Clayhouse provided a perfect reprieve from the 100+ weather.  It will be hard to wait an entire week to go back for our finished products.
Bix was quite proud of her gorgeous mug.

Fi played art critic and suggested the use of a few more colors.

08 August 2010

Wonderful Weekend

I am about an entire week late, but we had a fantastic time last weekend with 3 of Bix' and Fi's 5 grandmothers.  We are so blessed!  Lots of love and a little bit of work (they helped us organize our kitchen) we loved every minute of it.

04 August 2010

Bix' New Friend

Bix has been so excited about Toy Story for months.  The thrill continues now that she has a real talking Sheriff Woody to tote around.

Fi is a little envious, and would love to play with him.  Maybe when she gets a little bigger...or at least when Bix isn't around.

03 August 2010

Bix the Artiste

My first hint that something was going on was the quiet.  Fi didn't make a sound...she just let Bix draw all over her face.  At least it was yellow ink...