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31 January 2008

Arctic Blast

It is actually windier today, but no more sitting around the house...Bix wants to get going. We are getting a lot of wear out of her awesome JLo coat.

30 January 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Bix is staying inside today...and just watching the wind.

29 January 2008

Miss Wizard

Bix is really getting into science these days. If it isn't one experiment, it's another. Here she is researching the effects of static electricity.

28 January 2008

Boudin Ball 2008

Was a great success and a lot of fun! The Krewe de Roux really knows how to throw a party.

Bix was sad she had to miss all the dancing, drinking, and general merry-making.

She was, however, included in the post-party breakfast with the gang. We hadn't been to Nikki's since it was Spires, so we gave the pinnacle of eating another try.

25 January 2008

Making Friends

That's what Bix did last night. One of Daddy's good friends from VMI (and Louisiana) was in town, so we had him over for dinner. Bix and Major Hasseltine got along splendidly!
They played with the tiger...

They also tried on hats stylish!

We hope to see lots more of you Donnie while you are stationed in NM...Bix has found another new friend.

24 January 2008


Everyday is different for our little Bix. One day we think she could be the next Shirley Temple...the next day we think someone snuck in our house and took a flat-iron to her head. Like today...

23 January 2008

Love the Sushi

OK, Bix really just ate rice and vegetables, but the rest of us enjoyed our raw fish quite well. A fun evening was had by all the ladies at Stone Horse. We missed a few (especially you Charlie), but it was fun catching up. Bix ate so much we had to unbutton her pants.

After she was through eating, Bix kept herself (and Amy) busy by going through Amy's purse.

22 January 2008

We Are a Mac Family

We just got it last night, and we are already having fun with it. Bix did the acting, Mom directed, and Dad edited. This is our first attempt, so be patient...and enjoy!

21 January 2008

Beef Jerky

Thanks to Erin and Auntie B, Bix is enjoying teething in a whole new way...a salty, beefy way that is.

While snacking, Bix also finds time to do impressions. This is her imitation of the British Prime Minister 1940-45 and 1951-55.

18 January 2008


A new taste sensation for Bix. She likes them so much that she eats each bite twice (in to the mouth, out of mouth) I got this yummy receipe out of my new favorite book. You should check it out...whether you have a baby or not!

17 January 2008

Not Always a Happy Camper

Bix has had a slight cold the past few days. The congestion has barely slowed her down , but it has significantly shortened her fuse. We have been getting a lot of this...

16 January 2008


Last night was Bix' first encounter with Tex-Mex (yes, I know she is almost a year old and lives in Texas...anyway). Dinner at Pappasito's is always a treat for everyone. (Thanks Stacey) Like all food experiences, Bix met it with open arms.

Bix quickly dove in to some tasty quesadillas. "Hmmm...these are quite tasty"

All that was left for her to do was to eat an entire tortilla.

She was up to the task! Delicioso!

15 January 2008


Blah-blah-blah. Bix is trying to tell us something. I think she is saying, "Mommy, you make the best carrots ever." One thing we are quite sure about is that once this little girl starts talking for real...there will be no stopping her.

14 January 2008

Love the Eggs

Bix has a new favorite way to get her protein. That's right...scrambled eggs with just a touch of creme fraiche. Creamy, flavorful...the girl's gotta have 'em (and so does her mom). Daddy makes the tastiest eggs ever!

11 January 2008

Miss Fix-It

Yes, Bix is taking after her Mommy and Daddy...she is getting into home improvement. This time it was at Stacey's house. She needed help hanging a large mirror over her fireplace, and Bix was more than happy to help.

That is helpful...isn't it?

10 January 2008

It's Still Christmas

At least it is to Bix. The tree is still up (along with most of the decorations), her LSU Tigers are national champs, and she plays with this Christmas present everyday like it was a brand new toy. Life is good.

09 January 2008


Two hour naps...20 minute naps...twice a day...4 times a day. This little girl has had a crazy sleep schedule lately. We think she might be going through a growth spurt, and pretty sure we see 3 teeth starting to push through. Regardless, when she is sleeping, it's about the sweetest thing.

08 January 2008

Geaux Tigers!!!

Bix couldn't stay up for the whole thrilling game, but she made it through the game/party until halftime. Aaaah, what a way for a girl to spend her 11 month birthday...basking in the glow of the Louisiana State University Tigers being National Champions.

I think I hear her next words now..."we're number one, we're number one..."

07 January 2008

Healthy Eating

It is a popular resolution. Bix has been doing a pretty good job thus far. She really likes her apples. Maybe we should all consider the whole "apple a day" concept. Find out what you really need here.

05 January 2008

Ski Trip!

While Bix didn't exactly hit the slopes, she sure had a great time in Colorado.
The falling snow was both interesting and exciting.

She tried to grab every flake.

Bix is really much better at 'apres ski' activities (must take after Auntie B). She loved hanging out at Purgy's and listening to the band.

The rest of the trip was spent playing with relatives...

Watching football with Daddy...

Shopping in downtown Durango...

As well as finding great new places to eat!

It was a fantastic trip, and Bix had a great time. However, all good things must come to an end, and our little one was ready to go home.

Thanks Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Judy...we look forward to going again (when Bix is a little bit bigger)

03 January 2008

Happy New Year!!!

What a great Christmas and New Year we had. Bix had so much fun with the wrapping paper, bows, and even her presents.
She got lots of nice clothes...

...even a bikini.

Of course there was another Bix favorite...more eating!

In all the excitement we were even able to catch a snap of her standing alone!

...and there were more presents.

Bix really got the hang of the unwrapping...

Bix' first Christmas was a load of fun for all of us. But the fun wasn't over that day. We had a ski trip to prepare for! Packing for a week is always a chore, and even more so with this little bit of help from Bix...

...but with that face, could I really be too upset?

Coming soon...The Trip!