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30 April 2013

Spring Break

We had quite the vacation in Florida, so what to do with an entire week of time off?  Bix went to theatre camp...

They put on Alice in Wonderland.  Bix played a flower and the 2 of spades

Fi's favorite part was the cupcake.  Oh, and the singing.

 Cast photo

Fi asked for Bix' proud

For those of you that know Bix...this will not be the last we see of her on stage.  She almost cried when she realized it was over and didn't get to go to acting class everyday.

29 April 2013

A Visit From Eloise

When we returned from Florida, we had another exciting thing...a visitor at Grandma's.
Fi couldn't wait to get a hold of her.

Kisses from cousin Bix

We had to tell Fi "not so tight" a few times, but who can blame her?  Don't you want to squeeze her too?

Eloise is quite portable also...we took her everywhere

Even Friday night at Chase Oaks.

Loved every minute of it!

Can't wait to see her (and her brother) really soon.  XOXO

28 April 2013

Sharefest 2013

The PLG took on a huge project...prepping and painting this house.

Even the little ones were hard at work

A brief pause for some much needed lunch

Thanks LLG

There was also a free lemonade stand, that made over $3.00.  The kids gave all the proceeds to help pay for paint and supplies.

Even the littlest one rolled on a little paint.

Like a brand new house...

Al and Marie could hardly express their gratitude, we were all blessed by serving them.  

27 April 2013

One More Thing

The girls were packed, and ready to go.  They really are great little travelers.

In the taxi, on the way to the airport, Fi "helped" Bix lose her first tooth.  If you ask, she will tell you that she "punched it out."  Bix, was happy for the help.

What a great vacation/celebration/adventure/good-ol-time.

26 April 2013

More From the Magic Kingdom

A little sleepy-eyed on day three, but no less enthusiastic!

It was unseasonably chilly, so we stayed with the monorail, and avoided the open-air ferry.

No FastPass for Belle's Storytime, so we waited,

and waited a bit more...

Worth the wait?  For sure.  The girls got to be a part of the story.  Bix was Mrs. Potts and Fi played the Featherduster (Ooh-la-la)

There were other princesses to meet.  Cinderella

Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty

and of course...Rapunzel.

A photo op with Goofy

Frontierland for some shooting-gallery fun

What would possibly get this expression from Bix!?

Only her favorite princess...Tiana!!!

Some more parade action

Meet and greet with the mouse that started it all

Ice cream.  Strawberry of course.

My favorite Galactic Hero and Star Cadet

To Infinity...and Beyond!

Dance party with Stitch

Get down, get funky, get loose

One more time around the track in Tomorrowland

Ending the day with one more trip "under the sea"

Then we hopped on the train, watched the electric parade, and fireworks again.  Perfect vacation.  Thanks, Walt. 

25 April 2013


Day two at Disney World, and it was time to show the girls there is more to the "happiest place on earth" than just the Magic Kingdom. They were ready...

The iconic silver ball.

Inside was Spaceship some interactive games.

Special promo tie-in for Oz

Our little flying monkeys

The World Showcase took us to Canada first.

Then to Great Britain

Where we met Alice

And had a "jolly holiday" with...

 Touring the world takes a lot out of a kid

After lunch in France, it was off to Morocco

Where we met Jasmine and Aladdin at the bazaar.

 Arts and crafts time in colonial America.

In Germany, this was as close as we got to Snow White

 Feeling the native beat

Drum circle...oh, yeah

A moment of meditation in China

Fi was really trying to power through.

The Maelstrom, in Norway was not Bix' favorite ride

Cooling off on top of the Coca-Cola car was more their speed.

Another fantastic day!

Fi caught a second wind, and insisted on carrying the backpack upstairs.

Long day, late night, but these girls were ready to hit the pool...not the hay.

It was a little chilly, but that never stops these two.