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30 October 2007

Working Out Pays Off

As you can see, all that exercising Bix has been doing has really started to work. Check out her before and after shots...



29 October 2007

Traveling Dad

Daddy doesn't have to go out of town without us too often. When he does, Bix likes to lend a hand in the packing department. She makes sure he has all the shirts and socks he needs. Good job Bix! We'll miss you Daddy...

25 October 2007

Let's Get Physical

There is no reason you can't exercise. If you can't make it to the gym...improvise...try the new workout craze sweeping the nation. Just in time for the holidays.

24 October 2007

Can't Fight the Moonlight

She isn't dancing on the bar...but Bix sure had a good time last night...her first trip to the Tipp. Mom and Dad had some stout and shepherd's pie, Bix stuck with water and spiral pasta.

Is that Riverdance she is performing?!

23 October 2007

Baby, it's Cold Outside

So of course we had to go for a run (still working on that baby-weight). So what do you do when it is 50 degrees and windy and you have a small child to take with you?

She loved it! We are hoping for more weather like this. If it gets any colder we will probably have to buy one of these.

21 October 2007

"Look at Me...I am Standing"

That is what Bix would say if she speak clearly. On Saturday Bix pulled up into a standing position all by herself (in front of several witnesses).
Here is the shot we took right as it happened...

The next morning we went into her room to find her standing up as well. Looks like we raised the side rail just in time.

19 October 2007


Yes, it was Bix' first trip to the Big Blue Box! We were initially after a new highchair, but as you know it is impossible to buy just one thing in the wonderful world of IKEA. We learned while we were there that the average IKEA shopper spends 3 hours perusing the store. We were below that number at around 2 hours, but we also stopped in the cafe for a bite to eat.
Bix had a fantastic time trying to grab every brightly colored object (and child) she saw. Grandma even let her play in a bin full of toys.

I have three words for you...I-KE-aaah.

18 October 2007

Raise the Rail

This is where Bix was this morning when her nap was over. Guess we better move that side piece up...

17 October 2007


Somewhere in the middle of Virginia Bix decided that her new favorite word is "da". Sometimes it is one "da"...sometimes a string of them that lasts for twenty minutes. Of course whenever we get out the camera to document this, she stops. Here is the best we could do for now. (sorry about the dim lighting)

and sorry this took so long to come across...blogger was having problems today.

16 October 2007


What a fun trip we had! Even though we were supposed to get home yesterday at 3, and we ended up getting home closer to 9 (because of heavy rains)...nothing could dampen our spirits. Bix was an excellent traveler and made it through the three-hour wait at the airport with flying colors.

We started our vacation with a drive from Richmond to Charlottesville. We cruised around historic downtown as well as the UVA campus. Bix evidently was also waiting on a very important phone call.

We then drove over to Monticello to tour Thomas Jefferson's home. It was a beautiful day and Bix enjoyed all of it!

There was a lot to take in...that Jefferson was a busy man!

It was such a lovely day that we took the trail back to the car instead of the shuttle bus.

Time to head over to Lexington for the reunion. It started on Friday afternoon with the parade...Bix was very vocal in her approval of the cadets. After the parade there was a nice dinner and time for all the alumni to catch up. Bix was still on CST so she stayed til the end (and partied like the rockstar she is)

Saturday...time for football...and time for tailgating. Bix is an old pro by now, but this time she had company. Bix and Gianna had a great time! So much fun to have a new friend!!

They had a wonderful luncheon together.

That Gianna is such a cutie.

Bix did her best cheering on the Runnin' Roos.

Bix and Dad watched the game closely.

To no avail...the Roos couldn't quite pull off the win.

After the game, we went back to the hotel to rest up for another party. Bix took a quick nap and was ready to go. Saturday night is the time for fun...someone had too much fun...

Sunday morning we had one final visit with Gianna and her folks. We wish they lived closer so we could visit more often.

We took the scenic route back to Richmond, and enjoyed the gorgeous views all along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Farewell, Virginia...we had a wonderful time.

09 October 2007

On the Road

We are taking a trip...Bix is going on an airplane for the second time! We are going to Virginia and won't be home until Monday. It is Daddy's college reunion and we are taking a few extra days just to vacay. Bix was very excited to help pack, but we put her to bed early.

We heard some noise a little while later and checked the monitor. She wasn't sleeping as soundly as we thought.

She's asleep now, and I better finish packing and do the same. 6 a.m. is going to come very early for this nite-owl family.
We'll have lots of new memories to share...

08 October 2007


Yes, after the fever before the rash, we had an exciting trip to Waco. Auntie B drove up from Austin...we drove down from Dallas. Since Auntie B and I spent nearly a collective decade there, we figured it was time to show Bix the sights.
We didn't make it to campus, but we did have lunch at the good ol' Chili's on Valley Mills and then made a quick trip into Drug Emporium ( is still open!)
Bix was still a recovering from the fever and was tuckered out by the end of the day.

We had a terrific time we'll make it to George's for sure.


...a common childhood disease I had never heard of. The doctor told us it was a possibility. The main symptom is a fever for 2-3 days (check) and then after the fever goes away...a rash (check). Bix was feeling better on Saturday, but the rash didn't show up until Sunday. The rash doesn't itch or is all over her body, but doesn't really look too bad.
Here you have it...

Fortunately we did not go through the same thing Too-Too did with Grandma A and great Aunt Betsy when they were babies. After a few days of fever, and the development of the rash, their doctor diagnosed Scarlet Fever...Yikes! That meant Too-Too was quarantined for 30 days (by herself) with 2 little ones...double Yikes!!
We are so thankful that it was only Roseola. Bix is back to her old self!

05 October 2007

...poor thing

Bix is running a fever and she can't seem to hold down her bottle. She is sleeping now. We are going to the doctor's at noon.

04 October 2007

Making Friends

Bix does that everywhere she goes...she is quite the people-person. When there are no other folks around...the girl in the window will do.

03 October 2007


Yes that is right...kickball. For the past several weeks a group of us from the Krewe de Roux has been playing in an organized league (yes, that really does exist!)
We had a rocky start, but have really improved over the course of the season. Last night we beat a team that had only lost once before! (You need to have seen us play to truly understand how amazing that is)

Bix was there cheering us on and so was Charlie. I think they had a better time than we did.

Look out we come!

02 October 2007

Camera Shy?

Not this gal...she isn't even paying attention to me until she sees the camera. Ah yes, a camera-hog after my own heart.

01 October 2007


It's that time of day...Bix has been up, changed (usually twice), fed, and is now back in bed. This is the time I have to get things done. Yes, you'll notice that I typically post around 10:30 or 11...and this is why.
So while I am at the computer sending this to you, Bix is doing this...