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31 March 2009

Thomas the Train

WOW! Who knew kids today were so into this?! Bix has only seen one Thomas video a few times (thank you Fifi), but that was all it took. She was whooping and hollering with all the other kids (even though the only character she knew was Thomas)

We were there on Saturday, and Bix is still talking about it, and telling everyone that she "rode on Thomas".

We have our cousins to thank for the whole experience. We wouldn't have even known about it if it hadn't been for them.

Excitement abounded...Bix stood very still while she got her first tattoo.

More smiles with the cousins.

The grand finale of any fun-filled outing...a corn-dog.

Life IS good.

23 March 2009

Pump It Up

That is what we did on Saturday...what a great place for a party.

Happy Birthday Lauren and Alyssa, and thanks for including us in the celebration! (Bix got as close to the action as she could)

19 March 2009

Geaux Tigers

Bix found another reason to don her tiger costume...March Madness, Baby! While she did have a little trouble filling out her bracket, Bix had no problem cheering for LSU over Butler today.

Check out that game face..."Bring it on".

17 March 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

This is Bix getting in the Irish spirit, or more likely it is her way of paying homage to Elton John. Either way, it works.

13 March 2009

Look Out Nadia

Bix is getting much better at her balancing skills. She would have walked up and down this wall all day if she hadn't been distracted by something...I mean everything.

10 March 2009

Singin' in the Rain

...and dancing and talking and hopping. We finally had a little bit of precipitation taoday and Bix was out the door totally gung-ho! She insisted on not only getting an umbrella but carrying it too.

Daddy had to carry Bix in order to get her back in the house. So much fun!

09 March 2009

At the Car Wash

Bix did a great job helping Daddy today.

Once we were done with the car Bix moved on to a vacuum attachment.

Bix then thought she would help Daddy out by cleaning his decoys.

06 March 2009

Doing the Backstroke

Bix loves to "swim" in the tub. Her new favorite move is floating on her back. I could barely get her out today (even after all the water was gone.)

05 March 2009

The Post Office

Bix had a great time pretending to mail letters back and forth between boxes, and would really like to get her own PO Box.

When it is too windy or chilly outside to go the park...we head to the post office for an afternoon of fun. Bix loves it!

04 March 2009

Bix' Idea of Heaven

Lying down with her crayons, in front of a mirror, next to a huge window with people walking by. Ok, I know what you are thinking, and you are right...if this was really paradise for Bix there would be lots and lots of M&Ms.

03 March 2009


Bix got a chance to ride the carousel at the mall the other day, and boy did she have a good time. Now she is asking all the time, "When can we go back to the mall"?

02 March 2009

SONIC America's Drive-In

Bix' favorite drive-in sells one of her favorite foods 24 hrs a day. That's right you can get the breakfast burrito anytime you want. It is a car-friendly, easily managed by a toddler treat...and Bix could eat one every day.