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28 September 2007

Marty...check out my time machine

OK, maybe that's not exactly what Bix is saying...but if she could, I think she would do a fantastic Christopher Lloyd (as Emmett Brown) impression.
What do you think? Great Scott!

27 September 2007

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Ooops...we did. Clearly we did not read her onesie...that did not make Bix happy.
Where is Johnny Castle when you need him?

26 September 2007

Strike a Pose

These days you won't frequently find Bix sitting still. When she is lounging about you will frequently see her propped up one one elbow. Seems the little one likes to lie on her side (must make it easier for her to make sure everyone is watching her)

25 September 2007

Busy Busy Girl

What a weekend we had! Driving to Shreveport, to Winnfield to Baton Rogue and back again. Bix had quite the tour of Louisiana.
We stopped on Friday at Bix' great-grandma Mami's.

Then it was on to Baton Rouge to see the Tigers play!!! This was of course Bix' first tailgating experience and she had an awesome time.

She even tried to join in the festivities by having herself a Miller Lite...

Bix also enjoyed meeting Mike VI and playing with the tiger statue.

Then it was back to Shreve for dinner with CiCi and Pops.
As you can see...Bix is always ready to eat.

One of Bix' other great-grandmas--Grandmommy--came to visit and she took us all to lunch at Superior. Bix had her lunch at home though.

Finally we headed for home...but not without a stop in Lindale for a little DQ.

Bix wants to know when she can do it all again!

20 September 2007

Baton comes Bix!!!

She has been ready for months...ever since she was 1 month old. Bix has been geared up to go to LSU and tailgate! She is ready to cheer the Tigers on to victory and meet Mike.
We will be traveling for the next few days, so these posts will have to last until then...see you next week!

Fall Fashion

While it is too warm to actually wear all the cute and cuddly fall fashions for babies, it is never too hot for shoes!!!

Here Bix is modeling her new mary-janes from Old Navy. She loves them and is looking forward to pairing them with all her autumnal tweed, cordouroy, and fuzzy sweaters.

19 September 2007

Ahoy Matey!

In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, Bix dressed in her piratey best and arrrrghed with all her might.
Don't forget to raise yourself a mug of grog and toast the high-seas!

18 September 2007

Look hand

She may be little, but she is trying her best to be like the big kids. Standing seems to be no problem, but those feet are firmly planted.

17 September 2007


An interesting fruit...if you haven't tried one, you should. As you can see, Bix thinks they are de-lic-ious!

14 September 2007

Top of the World

What a perfect song to end Carpenters' Week here at Bix and Me. It is one of my faves and I have always that thought that this song makes a great lullaby...Bix seems to like it too.
Here she is on top of her world.

Tell us what you think...

If you have any ideas for future theme weeks (or days) let us know!

13 September 2007

Beechwood 4-5789

I think that is the number that Bix is trying to reach. Maybe she should dial the Operator and just ask to be connected...

12 September 2007

We've Only Just Begun

Yes, it is flashback time at Bix and Me today. We go back to when I had just begun being a mom and Bix had only just begun to live...white lace and promises...a kiss for luck and she's on her way...

11 September 2007

Close to You

Yes, we have accepted Auntie B's challenge of having a theme week based on songs by the Carpenters. We have also been quite busy today so we are taking the easy one...Close to You (that is what Bix longs to be...close to you)

10 September 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

They don't really get us down, but that is what we have today. As you can see, Bix was a little wound up about it, but she has since crashed and is peacefully napping now.

08 September 2007

Game Day

Bix is ready to cheer on those Tigers!!! Beat those Hokies!

Here she is with her new friend and mascot...the LSU Gnome.

07 September 2007

Camera Hog

Trying to get a still-shot of Bix enjoying her jumper is tough. If you get close enough to her to really capture the excitement, she grabs at the camera. This is the best we could do...

06 September 2007

Travel Stroller

Bix has a new stroller. We need it for when we travel and don't have room for BOB.

I think she likes it.

05 September 2007


Most days we are lucky to be wearing a clean onesie. Bix has so many cute togs that it seems a shame she hardly wears them. Today we put on the old-faithful white onesie and paired it with a flouncy skirt. you can see, Bix thought it was just perfect!

04 September 2007

Happy 4-Day Week

Bix had a great weekend...hope you did too!

03 September 2007

Happy Labour Day

It's a holiday...Bix is heading for the should too!

02 September 2007

Reuse, Recycle

Being friendly to the environment is important to Bix. Rather than say good-bye to a perfectly good halter top of Auntie B's...Bix decided it would make a lovely dress!