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31 March 2008

Piano Girl

That's right, look out Billy Joel...Bix can reach the piano now too.

30 March 2008

So Cute

Sometimes a mom just has to say it...


28 March 2008

On a Dime

That is how things can change with a one-year-old. Bix went from running around the house all day yesterday to waking us up this morning at 2:15. She was burning up with a 102.4 degree fever. We were awake for an hour and a half, and then woke up this morning like new. (Bix that is, not mommy and daddy)

Ready for breakfast, Bix was a happy gal once again. Fever...what fever?

27 March 2008

Hooray...I Finished!!!!

The last several days have been spent making table runners for Auntie B's wedding. I finally finished the last one this afternoon. While I have been busy mean joyfully giving my time and talents to make my lovely sister's wonderful day even more special...Bix and Grandma have been hanging out. One of the favorite activities is cuddling in the big chair, and watching Elmo.

26 March 2008

Bix Loves to Laugh

...especially when Poppo is playing with her.

25 March 2008

Bix and the Easter Frog

...another thing Bix loved in her Easter basket was the frog puppet that "ribbits" an Old McDonald Had a Farm medley.

24 March 2008

What an Easter

Bix didn't really remember Easter last year, but she enjoyed herself. (It was really cold...remember the snow?)

This year was a different story. While she might still be too young to understand the real significance of Easter, and the joy of the Resurrection, Bix knew it was a day for celebrating!
She started out the day with her Easter bonnet. (That lasted about 5 seconds)

Then it was on to the Egg Hunt. (Bix did not want anyone to take that orange egg from her...back-off Auntie B)

Her Easter basket was full of this book.

Some giant balloons!!!

...and did someone say "chocolate bunny"?!

The whole experience was thrilling for Bix. This face just about sums up how she felt bout the whole day...

Hope you had a happy Easter too!

21 March 2008

Happy Good Friday

Bix is gearing up for Easter.

Forget about chocolate bunnies and jelly beans for this girl. See how excited she gets over a carrot filled with...what else...beads! Oh yeah. Nothing better.

20 March 2008

Girl Meets Grill

It is officially Spring! That's right, it is time to get outside and start grillin'. Bix' Daddy knows how important this is so he is teaching her to cook up some tasty grub.

19 March 2008

Cool Cat

Just hanging around the house on a rainy day in her pajamas.

Bix really knows how to accessorize. She can make any outfit an "ensemble" with a just the right pieces.

18 March 2008

Sunshine Day!

OK, not really. We have had almost 3 inches of rain already today, and it is still pouring. We also have multiple flash flood and tornado watches and warnings for the area.
So here's a little ray of light to brighten any day.

17 March 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We celebrated a little early this year. Bix missed the parade, but enjoyed some of the post-parade festivities in the Lower Greenville area. Next year is the 30th celebration...hopefully Bix won't have a cold, and she can enjoy the floats!

14 March 2008

New Chairs

Bix has some new places to sit over at Grandma and Poppo's. Mrs. P has given them 3 pint-size plastic chairs. Bix took the yellow one for a test-drive yesterday...

hmm...this chair looks comfy.

ooops...shouldn't have tried to stand up on it.

Let me try that again...tee-hee, I am so silly.

13 March 2008


There aren't many of these around, but Bix sure enjoys the chocolate/vanilla swirl...

After shopping with Grandma, we took a quick trip in for some yogurt. All that spending works up an appetite.

12 March 2008

Bix is Soooo Big

The girl just never stops growing (I know, that's what babies do). We have pretty much moved into the 18 month size. Well, that is unless you are talking about full-length pants. Capris seem to be the right length for her. As you can see here...

10 March 2008

Great Weekend

While I was in Austin celebrating with Auntie B and her friends...

Bix was with Daddy and Grandma looking for eggs at our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. You can't tell from this picture, but she really did have a great time and absolutely adored the Easter Bunny.

He even told her where to look to find the good eggs.

07 March 2008

It's Getting Warmer

We had a light dusting of snow yesterday, and today the sun has really come out. Bix, however, has really taken to wearing her hats. Here's one last shot.

06 March 2008

Another Blustery Day

It's cold...the sleet has just begun. Bix is ready to go outside, but isn't quite sure I will let her.

05 March 2008

The Drama of the Cold... told by Bix.

"Oh, Daddy, I love this cold, wet weather"

"I don't want to come inside...even if I am getting frostbite"

"Ok, you are taking me back out...good"

"Seriously...I want to go back outside where it is freezing"

"It's not fair" (I figure that isn't the first time we'll get that response)

"Hmmm, maybe I can be bribed/distracted with shiny beads"

"Ooooh, Daddy is teaching me how to make a fire...all is forgiven"

04 March 2008

Nordic Baby

Bix loves the cold weather. It was 34 degrees, sleeting, snowing, and she wasn't wearing shoes...but try to keep this girl inside where it is warm...

03 March 2008

Nosy Nellie

That's what we have. I know babies are naturally curious, but this chick is downright nosy. If you are ever around her, it doesn't take long for you to notice. Bix wants to know what is going on...everywhere...with everyone.