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28 March 2011

Another Party

Drew and Luke had a Jedi party at the park on Sunday.  I arrived late (after a meeting) but was able to hear about the pinata and cupcakes.  It was a bit chilly, and a touch misty, but that could not dampen the party-spirit.  Bix was wearing her "stylish" best, and Fi had a ball pretending her new bubbles were guns.

27 March 2011

Party Weekend

Bix had two friends turn 4 this weekend.  On Saturday it was Ellie's gymnastics party. Bix could hardly wait, and of course dressed herself.

Ellie was impressed with how high she jumped. Whoa.

Bix was totally loving it!

Having her best bud Finley to share it all with, made the party even better.

Fi had to stay at home, but got into the spirit of things in this pseudo-gymnastics get-up.

"Are you looking at my tummy?  No more cheeseburgers for me."

25 March 2011


The girls are ready to go!!!

24 March 2011

Big Sister/Little Sister

Whatever Bix does...

Fi must imitate.

23 March 2011

Backyard Fun

Such a beautiful day, we couldn't help but spend the majority of it outside.  The girls even got in a little Easter egg-hunt training.

Fi was loading up the shopping cart.

Bix was searching high and low.

Can you say "Daddy-face"?!

This one too.

All that playing really tires the girls out...ok, you are right...not really.

22 March 2011

Fi's World

She can frequently be found kicking back.

Other times...there is work to be done.

There is always time for a cool beverage or a tasty treat.  (All that brick-carrying works up a thirst)

When Bix is off bike-riding, Fi likes to wear her helmet to show support...and to pick flowers.

20 March 2011

Princess Party

Bix' best pal Finley turned 4 and of course she had the princess theme.  Trinity and Bix started out making beautiful, sparkly jewelry boxes.  

 Then it was outside for the pinata.  Bix was soooo ready.

 Batter up!

Princess Finley approved of Bix' follow-thru.

Next on the agenda was the birthday cake...yum.

 SURPRISE!!!  Princess Belle showed up!

Bix was very proud of all her costume changes.  (I counted five)

She even had one final change for a photo-op with Belle. You have to be "Princess Twins" whenever possible. Gorgeous.

18 March 2011


Our own little Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.

Never fear...they are on the case.

17 March 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day

Girls...stop watching the Dukes of Hazzard and say "cheese".

This is what happens when you tell Fi to "look up" for a photo.  Bix still can't look away from them Duke boys.

Bix finally looks toward the camera, but Fi has had enough.

Hope you had a lovely St. Pat's day.  Bix and I got crafty and made her this shirt so she would have something green to wear.  What did you do today?

16 March 2011

Fun in the Driveway

Grandma and Poppo have the best expanse of flat pavement in the Metroplex.  Not only is ideal for riding bikes and scooters, but also seems to be a great place to "camp".

The garage also makes the best "malt shoppe" in town.

15 March 2011

Number One Seed

The girls showing their Baylor pride for Women's Basketball!

14 March 2011

In Their Easter Bonnets

Target's Dollar Spot has the best stuff.

10 March 2011

What Happened Today?

Bix learned a new song.

Fi learned how to climb up and slide down all by herself.

08 March 2011

Happy Mardi Gras

We had a fantastic weekend in Louisiana.  Bix went to the XXII Krewe of Gemini parade, and had an awesome time.

She really got into the spirit of things.

When it was all over...we had one tired little girl on our hands.

The next day was Fi's first shot at catching some beads...we were off to the Highland parade.  Bix was ready to show her the ropes.

"Do it like this Fi!"
"Like this?!"

The whole family had a blast!  Altogether we collected almost 35 lbs of beads, and that doesn't include all the cups, throws, and candy those two adorable munchkins raked in.

03 March 2011


We made homemade whipped cream to go with some fresh berries.  The girls really liked it.


 Liked it.

01 March 2011

Boudin Ball 2011

We can hardly believe that this was the 10th year for the ball!  We always hoped the Krewe de Roux would make it this far.  Remember that first year at Winfrey?
This year we got both girls to help with set-up.  Bix  and Carly organized the masks.

Fi rolled in the coat racks.

All that work really makes a gal hungry.

After a short break, Bix was off and running and directing.
 Fi was ready for some more snacks. (Like mother like daughter)

The ball was a huge success.  A sell-out, with lots of money raised for the North Texas Food Bank.

The Queen and King of Roux III.