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08 March 2011

Happy Mardi Gras

We had a fantastic weekend in Louisiana.  Bix went to the XXII Krewe of Gemini parade, and had an awesome time.

She really got into the spirit of things.

When it was all over...we had one tired little girl on our hands.

The next day was Fi's first shot at catching some beads...we were off to the Highland parade.  Bix was ready to show her the ropes.

"Do it like this Fi!"
"Like this?!"

The whole family had a blast!  Altogether we collected almost 35 lbs of beads, and that doesn't include all the cups, throws, and candy those two adorable munchkins raked in.


Auntie B said...

Looks like a great time! Maybe one year when he is big enough, cousin Archie can go, too!

Poppo said...

I think the picture of Bix on Keith's shoulders epitomizes joy - for both!