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30 July 2009

At the Park

Bix had a terrific time this afternoon. It wasn't quite as hot as it has been...

But a girl could still work up a thirst.

And also lose a shoe.

27 July 2009

Duck Call

I am such a lucky lady...not everyone gets such a wonderful serenade of duck calling over breakfast.

24 July 2009

Our Little Picasso

Bix has discovered the joy of painting.

22 July 2009

Princess Beatrix

Bix is finally getting the swing of her royal name. Whenever she puts a crown, she becomes the "princess" and I am the "queen". I have to admit...I like the way this girl thinks.

21 July 2009

Everyone Could Use a Massage

You are never too young to start myotherapy.

Ever wonder what your face looks like when you are getting a massage...

20 July 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

Bix helped with the celebration yesterday. She was very good at opening presents and cards, but she was especially helpful when it came to blowing out the candles. (You were too Poppo)

However, Bix' real talent was eating the cake! Right, Bix?

Guilty as charged,

15 July 2009

Keeping Cool in the Car

One of the best places to beat the heat. We would drive around all day with the A/C on full blast if we could.

Guess we will have to settle for the quick drive over to Grandma and Poppo's pool.

14 July 2009

Hopscotch Anyone?

Bix is starting to get the hang of this game.

When it is 95 degrees and you find yourself thinking, "hey, this isn't so bad," then you know you are in Texas in the summertime. We only stay out a little bit at a time...lots of water breaks, and lots of shade.

It could always be hotter, and will be soon.

13 July 2009

Wedding Shower

We went to Shreveport to help celebrate KK and JB's upcoming wedding. Bix had a great time helping open all the presents.

She was also good at picking up all the wrapping.

This is one Flower Girl who is ready for action!

The drive home was a fairly peaceful journey.

10 July 2009


Bix has been working hard all week...lots of email.

It's enough to drive a girl crazy!

09 July 2009

Tea Party

Bix and Mommy spent over an hour pouring and drinking tea at home. We thought we should share the fun with Grandma and Poppo next, so we went for a visit.

Then Bix got distracted by the camera, and Poppo got distracted by the Tour de France.

07 July 2009

4th of July Weekend Extravaganza

We had an action-packed holiday! With both sets of grandparents, Fifi, Maverick, and Mommy and Daddy around, Bix had a very full weekend. Bix spent everyday singing "Happy Birthday to America", and what a great party we had. There was:

Hiking with Daddy and CiCi.

Watching Wimbledon with Grandma.

A brief shopping spree.

Hanging out with her pal Mavy.

Fine-dining at D'Carlo's.

A sunset cruise to watch the fireworks.

Time for blowing bubbles.

Living-room picnic with Poppo during a rainstorm.

A little time to watch the Tour de France.

And of course there was...watermelon.

01 July 2009

Play Time

Bix and Charlie had a great time together (as usual). Their mommies had an even better time catching up and enjoying the pool (see you soon Mimi).