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07 July 2009

4th of July Weekend Extravaganza

We had an action-packed holiday! With both sets of grandparents, Fifi, Maverick, and Mommy and Daddy around, Bix had a very full weekend. Bix spent everyday singing "Happy Birthday to America", and what a great party we had. There was:

Hiking with Daddy and CiCi.

Watching Wimbledon with Grandma.

A brief shopping spree.

Hanging out with her pal Mavy.

Fine-dining at D'Carlo's.

A sunset cruise to watch the fireworks.

Time for blowing bubbles.

Living-room picnic with Poppo during a rainstorm.

A little time to watch the Tour de France.

And of course there was...watermelon.


Anonymous said...

We had such a great weekend and were glad it worked out that we could go. See you this weekend. CiCi and Pops

Auntie B said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend! So much fun - and lots of great food, as always!